Choosing the Best Mouse Trap for Your Home

The Best Mouse Traps

Mice have been around for probably millions of years. Throughout this period mice have been perceived differently depending on certain situations. In some circumstances, they have served as human companions and in some instances as subjects of scientific investigations. At the most basic level, mice as perceived as pests. Though not all species of mice are considered pests, these rodents can cause untold destruction. Choosing the best mice trap and control mice in the house you must put into consideration the sneaky and impressive adaptability of these rodents in order to be effective. 

When mice and rodents invade your home, they are likely to contaminate food, bring in disease and cause substantial property damage. Currently, there are different types of mouse traps on the market. The particular trap you choose usually depends on specific needs and one’s preferences. Here are different types of traps and how to choose the most appropriate device:

1. Traditional Snap Traps

These conventional traps are also known as snap traps and are mostly made out of plastic and wood. The board and platform are made of sturdy material with a spring and a u-shaped bar attached. When you apply pressure on the platform, the bar cramps down forcefully. To trap the mouse, you have to lure the rodent towards the traps using baits such as cheese or peanut butter.

Traditional traps can be tricky, so you should handle them with care. If you do not install them properly, your fingers are highly likely to get snapped and snapped. In most circumstances traditional traps may not kill the mouse instantly so if you are squeamish or do not want to subject the rodent to a brutal end, you may consider avoiding this trap.

2. Electronic Mouse Traps

When choosing the best mice trap, you can consider opting for the electronic type especially if you are squeamish. These electronic devices are considered among the best mouse traps since they kill trapped mice through an electric shock. The mice will be dead in a chamber and you do not even have to look at them when disposing of them.

Most electronic traps have a green light to indicate that the mouse has been caught and killed. They also have a red light to alert you when the battery is low and should be changed. Electronic traps are considered humane unlike the traditional traps since they kill rats and mice instantly through a jolt of electricity.

3. Glue Traps for Mice

These are traps for people who have no intention of killing the mouse and just want to dispose it away from the house. Just as their name suggests, they come with a highly sticky substance. When a rat or mouse comes into the trap, they get stuck.

4. Multi-catch Humane Traps

These are kind and humane traps since they do not kill rats or mice. Multi-catch traps are ideal if you are experiencing a serious case of a mouse infestation. The traps are meant to catch and trap up to 30 mice at once. When all the rodents have been trapped, you simply dispose them off away from your house.

Choosing the best mice trap involves considering all the available devices and their mode of operation as stipulated above. Once you have identified the right device, you need to set it up in the right place where the rodents hide or frequent in order to enhance your chances of trapping the mice. Apart from identifying the right place to keep the trap, you should always avoid placing the device in the middle of a room to avoid accidents. Feel free to browse our selection of mouse traps Toronto.

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