Boxelder Bugs Where Do They Come From

True bugs

True bugs are a grouping of hundreds of thousands of insects that share a single mouth part. They may look different and function in different ways but they all share the same piercing-sucking mouthparts. This can include cicadas, bed bugs, aphids and many others. These bugs all draw their food by sucking it out of another living thing. The bed bug draws blood from animals, the aphid sucks liquid chlorophyll from plants. They are all considered parasitic insects and are all a danger to humans in that some will drain your garden of life and others, like bed bugs will drain you of life. Either way getting rid of them when they infest your home and property is important.

Box elder bugs

Box elder bugs are an especially annoying brand of true bugs. They are the ones that lay their eggs on tree leaves if you have seen little balls on leaves that is a box elder bug egg. They come in an array of colours bother green, blue and red and orange so their eggs can hide through the seasons. They have two periods in the year when they reproduce. One of them is in the early spring when they are not much of a bother to residential lots but are a problem for arborists and in the fall as the weather gets colder. This is when they are a serious issue for residential houses.

Boxelder Bugs Where Do They Come From
Box elder bugs are a serious threat now that they want to infest human homes. They are not dangerous to your bodies but are to your mind as the stress of an infestation is a serious issue and can lead to a nervous breakdown.

Box elder bug dangers

The box elder bugs do not die off in the winter and do not hibernate like wasps and bees. They do something called overwintering which is a process of finding, or flying to somewhere warm and simply resting while they feed intermittently, waiting for their time to lay eggs in the spring to start the new season in the coming year. This used to be a simple process of flying south for the winter but with the advent of internally heated human homes they have found another way to keep warm. They will cling to the sides of houses and invade the house en mass. they give off a horrible smell when they are distraught and when they are crushed and have brightly coloured innards that will stain fabric and walls. They are a shocking nuisance and a serious infestation. They will not hurt you but they will annoy you to death.

Box elder bug treatments

You can get a professional treatment from a licensed structural exterminator who will do an exterior spray of the house to keep the insects from getting into the house or both an exterior and interior treatment to deal with an already existing interior infestation. This can be a very effective way of dealing with them and will get them away from your home and out of your life. There are things you can try like domestic treatments with vinegar and cayenne pepper and water there is a lot you can do to prevent them from attacking your home and garden.