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Pest Control Oakville

Pests carry diseases, are unsightly and destroy your property which is why The Exterminators has developed effective, efficient and advanced pest control services in Oakville and its environs. We have experience dealing with rats, mice, ants, cockroaches, bed bugs, fleas, wasps, flies, moths, centipedes, spiders, earwigs and all types of crawling insects.

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We are licensed and certified by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment to offer both residential and commercial pest elimination services. We are also fully licensed to work on all kinds of properties including residential apartments, single-family homes, commercial kitchens, warehouses, factories and more.

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Effective services with a focus on customer needs. Fully licensed and insured pest control company for all pests. We service both residential and commercial customers using top of the line products and tools.



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Seasonal Pests


Mice are commonly found all across Oakville and the Greater Toronto Area. This might not be strange considering  that most old houses have crevices, holes, or foundational gaps from which the mice can enter. You might spot a live mouse scouring for food and water, or even see droppings the size of grains of rice. You might not have noticed, but generations of live and dead mice might be present in your walls right now as mice can multiply at a very fast rate starting at just a couple of weeks old. If you see any of these signs it is best to call Pest Control Oakville – The Exterminators Inc. to provide you with exceptional service. We treat your mouse problem effectively by giving you the treatments needed indoors and well as outdoors to make mice things of the past. Contact us to find out more!


Rats are mostly  a species of rodents that like to spend their time outdoors as opposed to the common house mouse that has been plaguing Oakville residents as long as time can tell. Rats are highly infectious animals as they as they make no distinction between clean and dirty places. This should cause for concern as being exposed to rat droppings, urine, or salvia can have serious effects on your health – Not to mention the stench they leave behind when a dead rat is decomposing. Rats make their way in through crevices, holes, or foundational gaps. One common way through which a rat gains access to your home is often through a left open garage door. Rats are quite destructive in nature and can chew through wires, cables, household appliances, and much more in a very short span of time. Seeing these signs or spotting rat droppings the size of an olive pit is a clear indication that you are dealing with a rat infestation. Our technicians can resolve the problem at hand by deploying indoor and outdoor methods that have been proven to work time and time again. Call Pest Cotnrol Oakville – The Exterminators Inc. now to find out more!


Cockroaches are one of the most disliked pests across Oakville and the Greater Toronto Area and are often met with reactions of disgust and revolt. It is important that you spot signs of a cockroach infestation. Seeing a live cockroach during daytime can never be a good sign as cockroaches are nocturnal creatures meaning that their activity is supposed to take place during nighttime. Looking for live cockroaches might be difficult to do since they prefer the dark, moist, and isolated areas of your home. Cockroaches are a crawling health hazard as they can carry several diseases that can contaminate food and surfaces while they walk on them. The Exterminators provide you with  cost-effective safe indoor treatments that can make your house cockroach-free in the matter of a few weeks. Contact Pest Control Oakville – The Exterminators Inc. to find out the details yourself!

Residential Pest Control Oakville

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The Exterminators - Oakville provides a six months warranty for all pest control services.

Bed bugs are among the most difficult pests to eliminate even for professionals. We guarantee that our technicians are at your disposal until the problem is resolved completely. Repeat jobs during the warranty period do not attract any extra charges.

We are dedicated to offering effective pest control services which is why we educate our clients on how to maintain a pest-free residence in future. Our technicians do their part to resolve the underlying issues that attracted the pests in the first place, and work with you to keep them away for good.

Our exceptionally trained and well-equipped pest control technicians give you the peace of mind that the infestation is handled to your satisfaction.


A name you can trust. We do not put pests in their place. We send pests packing.  We draw from our decades of experience in pest control to see every job through. To the bitter end. Literally. We actually enjoy doing so!


All services and products are used in a safe way in accordance to provincial and federal laws and guidelines. Safe for you, your family, your pets, but certainly not safe for pests!


All services are backed by our guarantee. We take pride in our work and we follow through. If pests return in the warranty period so do we at no additional cost.

A team with decades of experience and a wealth of knowledge. Every member of our team has loads of real time problem solving experience. Just give us a call! You are in good hands!

Commercial Pest Control Oakville

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Our technicians are well trained to work in diverse commercial settings and do their work with little interference with the day-to-day running of business operations.

We are discreet about our operations. We understand that restaurants, for example, need to maintain a clean and safe image while covertly dealing with pests. Our exterminators use unmarked vehicles and are willing to work out of operating hours to maintain your business integrity.

The Exterminators Inc. offers custom services including pest maintenance. Some industries such as warehouses and commercial kitchens are prone to recurring pest problems. We can arrange regular maintenance to ensure that the pests are kept away for good or infestations are dealt with immediately they appear. We are properly licensed and insured to work around expensive equipment.


We understand hospitality, the urgency, customers and the desire to be the best in your craft. Rest assured we work smart in getting your pest problems solved. We will send them packing!


Pest eradication and maintenance. Customers and employees need a pest free environment. Let us make sure this is the case. We offer the most comprehensive programs in the business.

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Pest problems are not only bothersome for restaurants and commercial kitchens, they can be a problem for any type of business setting, office spaces and office kitchens included.


With constant traffic going through, warehouses and factories are particularly sensitive to pest problems. Rodent problems in particular. They can enter through open doors and loading docs and grow in numbers over time.


Advantages of Hiring Professional Pest Control Oakville

Many people assume hiring a professional exterminator Oakville is expensive and that DIY is the cheaper and easier solution. The truth is DIY extermination is rarely successful and often leads to more complex and expensive treatments than hiring a professional in the first place. Other reasons to hire a professional for your pest problem in Oakville include;

Amateurs are over 50% more likely to use insecticides and chemicals inappropriately compared to professionals. This situation poses a serious risk of poisoning family members and pets. The Exterminators’ technicians carefully assess the situation and use the least amount of chemicals possible for a successful extermination. Some infestations don’t even require the use of rodenticides and pesticides.

Extermination is only one part of a multi-step process that only a professional can handle safely. Rodent feces and urine contain many disease-causing organisms some of which can be inhaled. This can pose a serious threat when cleaning after the infestation without the proper equipment and technique. A professional is able to clean and disinfect the infested area safely and satisfactorily to eliminate the risk of contracting diseases.

Hiring a professional pest service in Oakville is actually cheaper than DIY. Pests such as bed bugs and cockroaches are almost entirely resistant to common pesticides. These over-the-counter pesticides are toxic and costly and yet are ineffective. A professional gets the job done right the first time saving you time, money and stress. Oakville chemical, pesticides and rodenticides regulations limit potent active ingredients to licensed professionals such as exterminators Oakville.

Professional services are safer especially when dealing with wood-chewing insects and pests. The technician is able to properly assess any structural issues and work around them. He is also in a position to perform repairs or offer expert recommendations. Most wood damage and structural integrity issues are easily missed by the untrained eye.

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Pest Infestation Impact on Health

Anything that intrudes your home from the outdoors can never be good to your personal health. Pests like to spend most of their time in the most unsanitary places imaginable bringing with them harmful bacteria which can easily cause you to fall ill when you come in indirect or close contact with them. For example, rats and mice can carry up to thirty-five diseases through viruses such as Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome and Leptospirosis. 

They were also  responsible for the Plague as well. In nature, looks can be deceiving. These seemingly cute creatures can have a grave impact on your health as well as others around you. Cockroaches carry an exhaustive list of harmful viruses as their diet consists of a range of unappetizing things such as dead animals, human excrement, and filth. Seeing  live roaches immediately calls for action as their presence is even known to cause allergic reactions. 


Imagine yourself grocery shopping, buying one single item at a time than driving back to the store to buy the second item and so on. It is absurd right? It is time-consuming and very inefficient. Instead why not buy all the groceries you need, load it up, and stock your fridge at once? This is what the majority of people are actually doing when dealing with pests every time they set foot in a store. Using not only inefficient products, but also wasting money at the same time all while the pests are multiplying by the day. Dealing with pests yourself is frankly a lost battle. Store bought products are just not potent enough to treat pests, and even if they were, it still would not be enough for the thousands of creeping and crawling bugs that made your home into their home. A professional licensed pest control technician has a true potent arsenal at his or her disposal that are approved by the provincial government whereas consumer grade store bought brand does not enjoy the same privilege. The expertise and training paired with effective environmental-friendly formulations is a guarantee that your home can be declared pest-free in no time. Hiring a reputable pest control service like The Exterminators is truly an investment that will not disappoint.


As not only being the most recommended and trustworthy partner when it comes to pest control all across the Greater Toronto Area, we also have the most knowledgable, professional, and skillful  technicians standing by to give you the most comfortable experience possible when dealing with something as upsetting as pests. Our technicians know very well that pest control is a very sensitive subject. That is why we chose to deploy  our technicians in an  unmarked vehicle so that you can rest assured that your issue is being dealt with in the most discreet way possible. In all of our treatments, we take the utmost care in identifying the source of the issue by conducting a full exterior inspection. By treating the issue by means of deploying our best tools and formulations. To ultimately preventing the issue from reoccurring by sealing up entry points such as holes, crevices, foundational gaps, or vents. We service all of the Greater Toronto Area, so  you can rest assured that your issue will be dealt with as soon as possible. Call now so we can be on our way soon!

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Why us?


If contractual pests return following service and within the guarantee and warranty period we will return at no additional cost. We work hard on keeping our customers pest free. We guarantee every service and provide extensive warranties to make sure pests are gone and our customers are happy. Call Exterminator Oakville.

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