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Probably the most common pest infesting food service institutions, houses as well as other establishments are cockroaches. Cockroaches are repulsive and objectionable to the majority of folks just by their own existence. They’re also able to mechanically transmit disease microorganisms like the microorganisms which cause food-poisoning. Cockroaches can trigger allergic reactions and asthma. Cockroaches commonly become established in houses after being launched in food bags, with washing or, in certain instances, wandering in from outside. Once cockroaches become established they’re prolific breeders effective at creating thousands of offspring within a year.




Our licensed exterminators can create and execute a customized strategy that will work for your situation. Cockroach control methodologies practiced by our well trained and experienced technicians include crack and crevice treatments, Ultra Light Volume Mist insecticide applications, insecticide dust, boric acid application, roach baits, and hydramethylnon cockroach gel.

Using solid and gel can help reduce a cockroach population. However a full cockroach treatment is required to completely get rid of a cockroach infestation. Adhesive traps or sticky traps work primarily in monitoring a population and not in reducing a cockroach population. They work but they don’t work fast enough to have a significant impact on a population. Professionals exterminators use these traps primarily for insect activity monitoring and not as an effective way to control a problem. A complete cleaning of hiding places is likewise quite useful in minimizing cockroach populations. Cockroaches would rather dwell where there’s wetness, heat and food. Sterilization is an essential part of avoidance and management, because cockroaches boom where food and wetness are easily accessible.


Over the counter solutions can be applied with some degree of effectiveness. However, professionally applied solutions are much more effective. Also, centipedes are natural predators. While many homeowners discover centipedes themselves grotesque, your house centipede is likely the best control agent against cockroaches. If you would like the cockroach problem eliminated once and for all give us a call: 647-496-2211. We provide reliable pest control services for residences and businesses in the Greater Toronto Area.

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If pests return following service and within the guarantee and warranty period we will return at no additional cost. We work hard on keeping our customers pest free. We guarantee every service and provide extensive warranties to make sure pests are gone and our customers are happy. Call The Exterminators for cockroach control Toronto solutions.


Cockroaches hide in cracks and crevices, behind appliances, inside appliance motors, in and under kitchen counter tops and cabinets. To exterminate cockroaches we first need to flush them out of their hiding spaces and places. Exterminating them requires the application of a residual insecticide in areas of high activity and in cracks and crevices. Flushing them out is done using an ultra light volume mist.

This mist is generated by a professional piece of pest control control equipment. Every licensed exterminator in our pest control company carries an Actisol unit which instantly combines a low volume of insecticide with a high volume of air.

A wand at the end of the nozzle atomizes the mixture and delivers in the insecticide in very hard to reach places. The insecticide mixture not only flushes insects out but also coats the treated surfaces with a very fine layer of residual. Consequently, if insects are not directly affected by the treatment they will be affected by the mild residual.

We use cutting edge technology to deliver the best possible service to every single one of our customers. Bait and dust can be used in certain situations where we cannot spray. This can be in a food service facility or a restaurant in operation as part of regular pest management program.


We offer a comprehensive cockroach extermination services for residential and multi-residential settings. We deal with residential cockroach by performing full crack and crevice treatments. Our residential treatments are guaranteed and backed by 3 or 6 month warranties.


For business customers we offer cockroach extermination services through our pest management programs. In most cases these programs are based on a first set-up and full extermination visit after hours and regular maintenance every week, month or as required by our customers. Even the smallest cockroach problem can lead to serious infestations resulting in catastrophic consequences for a small business owners. Cockroach problems that have not been dealt with adequately are a primary reason for many restaurant closures.


A successful cockroach plan is dependent upon good sanitation in attempts at remove the water, food and warmth these creatures require for survival. Removing all food sources is imperative. Even the smallest amount of organic matter can be an attractant. Unlike a lot of household pests, cockroaches are common year round. Aside from removing food sources, removing their hiding spots is also very important. You should remove any cardboard boxes, clutter, unused appliances and items from kitchen cabinets. There are many parasites and natural predators for cockroaches, but few of these have been shown to be extremely efficient in attempts at natural control. Also, non of these predators exist in your kitchen. If you are looking for help in preventing cockroach infestation call The Exterminators:


Oriental cockroaches are dark brown to black in color and have a glossy body that tends to make them look even bigger than they already are! The adult male of this species measures between 18 and 29 millimeters, while the female oriental cockroaches are even bigger, measuring between 20 and 27 millimeters. The females also have wider bodies than their male counterparts.

The Brown-Banded Cockroach is among the smallest of cockroaches and due to its distinct color, is easily distinguishable from the others. Ranging between 10 and 14.5 millimeters in length, brown-banded cockroaches are highly adaptable and don’t even need a subsequent amount of moisture to survive.

It is the most common type of cockroach infesting homes and businesses in the Greater Toronto Area. The German cockroach is light brown, tan or blackish in color and have two horizontal black-colored stripes starting from behind their head all the way down to the base of their wings. In spite of the presence of wings, however, German cockroaches do not fly. However, they might choose to glide down to safety or into hiding in case they are surprised. They are fast. When frightened, or even excited, they also emit a rather unpleasant odor.


After mating, and under ordinary conditions, they may create, normally, 4 to 6 egg instances throughout the course of the own lives, with every egg instance, or ootheca, comprising roughly 30 to 40 eggs. Depending upon the requirements, the typical time for growth, from egg to adult can vary between 54 to 215 days, with a mean of about 100 days. German cockroach eggs are brownish in colour with spans of 6 — 9mm, Even though the length might be marginally smaller in some circumstances, too. What is intriguing is that the oothecae isn’t stored in a secure hiding place.

Female German cockroaches will actually take their cockroach eggs with Them until they are ready to hatch. This usually means that you may squash a roach that’s carrying out their eggs together, which will make it somewhat easier to kill all of them at once. Cockroaches will create approximately five ootheca in their lifetime and consequently they can give birth to 200-300 cockroaches. Cockroach eggs can be resistant to may insecticides and practically all insecticides sold over the counter in Ontario. For effective treatment you need to hire a pest control company to deal with the issue.

Cockroach treatment performed by licensed exterminators. The insecticide treatment flushes the insects out from their hiding spots and has an immediate know-down effect. Insecticides will provide a residual effect making them lethal to cockroaches for weeks after the pest control service treatment is complete. Safe, environmentally friendly and guaranteed cockroach extermination. Call for a cockroach exterminator Toronto:

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Problems Caused by Cockroaches


Aside from the fact that cockroaches are an unwelcome sight, keep in mind that they can also prove hazardous to your health. The more cockroaches you have living in your home or business, the greater the health hazard.

Cockroaches are often drawn to human environments because they thrive on human food and waste. However, their mere presence can contaminate the food you eat. When a cockroach stops to eat, they regurgitate and defecate on the food they are consuming.

Just the thought might sound disgusting and give you the heebie-jeebies. However, cockroach feces and regurgitation can spread parasites and bacteria to humans. Cockroaches often carry a bacterium known as Pseudomonas aeruginosa, which can cause illnesses in humans. Also, cockroaches can spread Salmonella, which can lead to illnesses such as food poisoning and typhoid.

Some people may even experience allergic reactions when in proximity to cockroaches. In fact, 20 to 60 percent of people within urban environments suffer symptoms related to an allergic reaction when they live or work in areas infested with cockroaches. Symptoms of an allergic reaction can include redness of the skin, itching, and respiratory distress.

Cockroaches can also create an unpleasant odor. The odor often has a distinct musky smell to it. The more roaches there are, the stronger the smell. If you notice a musky scent in the air followed by other signs of cockroaches, it is likely that you have a big problem on your hands.

As if the smell and the potential risk of illness is not enough, cockroaches are omnivores. That means they will eat absolutely anything, which can sometimes include you. Very young individuals and the elderly are particularly at risk because they are either immobile or otherwise unable to brush them off or get away. Therefore, you have to worry about cockroach bites.

Fortunately, the nightmare described above does not have to be a reality for you. We can quickly and effectively treat a cockroach infestation in your home or business. Our licensed and professional technicians will come and determine the best approach possible to make sure your home and business are pest-free and stays that way.

What Attracts Cockroaches

There are many reasons why a cockroach might be attracted to your home or business. Most often cockroaches find that they have access to a decent source of food and water. Just the sight of a cockroach scurrying around in sight can make you feel uncomfortable. You might question what exactly it is that attracted them to your home or business in the first place.

There are so many questions to that question that you might find it easier to ask what doesn’t attract them, instead. Cockroaches need food, water, and shelter to survive. Humans can provide all three, so it is best to make sure cockroaches cannot access any of them. You may often find cockroaches in a kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, or break room. Why is that exactly?

The simplest answer is that the rooms mentioned provide the most moisture. There are plenty of dark, damp places for cockroaches to hide, which is an ideal environment. The goal is to make your home or business less attractive for cockroaches. That means fixing any leaks, wiping up any excess moisture, and keeping everything clean and free of food debris, too.

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Despite your best efforts, you may find that cockroaches are some of the most persistent pests. You can have the cleanest place possible and they will still continue to invade your home or business. So, what is that you can do to get rid of them? Your first step is to call The Exterminators. We can provide you with professional cockroach control services.

Aside from working to destroy a cockroach population, we will also work to find out what attracted them in the first place. Our technicians will provide you with advice and steps you can take to make your home or business less attractive to pests, including cockroaches. Steps to prevent cockroaches may include the following:

  • Eliminating moisture – fixing leaks and drips, and routinely wiping out sinks to remove excess moisture
  • Blocking entries – using caulk to seal up gaps and crevices that cockroaches often use to enter your home or business
  • Denying food – eliminating improperly stored trash, offering tips for cleanliness to remove food debris, and proper food storage (including storage of pet food)

Once you remove access to food, water, and shelter, you will find that cockroaches are no longer attracted to your home or business.

Out of desperation, many home and business owners seek the DIY route when it comes to cockroach control. Unfortunately, most DIY approaches do nothing to stop cockroaches in their tracks. Thankfully, we have commercial grade products that we use to put an end to cockroaches.

Give us a call to find out more about how we can help you ensure your home and business are cockroach-free. Thanks to our six-month warranty, we can make sure it stays that way, too. If roaches come back within six months, we will also return at no cost to you to get the job done right.

Aside from getting cockroaches out, our goal is to work to keep them out. It is not enough to stop an infestation. The goal should be to make sure you do not have to worry about a re-infestation. We look forward to helping you with your cockroach control Toronto needs so you do not have to suffer the negative consequences of dealing with them.



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There is no pest problem that we consider too big or small. No matter the size of your home or business, no matter the size of the cockroach population, we are here to help. We pride ourselves on offering you top-of-the-line cockroach control services in Toronto. Reach out to The Exterminators today to learn more about our services.

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