Where do Boxelder Bugs Nest

Are Boxelder Bugs Harmful to Trees

Boxelder bugs are commonly found in North America and are known for their distinctive black and orange hues. While these insects may be a nuisance to homeowners, many people wonder if they pose a threat to trees.

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Do boxelder bugs feed on any type of tree or plant?


No, boxelder bugs do not feed on just any type of bark or leaves or plants. Instead, they feed on the seeds produced by female boxelder trees, as well as other members of the maple family, including silver maples and ash-leaved maples.

Boxelder bugs are primarily considered a nuisance pest because they can come together in large numbers, often invading homes, and buildings in search of warmth during the fall and winter months. While they do not cause damage to structures, their presence can be unsettling to some people as there can be many gathered around a lot of places. This can include your home as well as they can take advantage of entry points.

How to control boxelder bug presence


Despite not causing harm to trees, it is still important to control boxelder bug populations if they become a problem. One effective method of control is to remove female boxelder trees from the area, as this will eliminate the bugs’ primary food source. In addition, homeowners can use insecticides to control boxelder bugs, although this should only be done by a licensed professional and in accordance with all safety guidelines.

It is worth noting that while boxelder bugs are not harmful to trees, there are many other insects and pests that can cause damage to trees. Some of the most common tree pests include emerald ash borers, gypsy moths, and tent caterpillars. These pests can cause significant damage to trees, including defoliation, weakened branches, and even death.

How to inspect for boxelder bug presence 


To protect trees from these pests, homeowners should take steps to prevent infestations, including regular inspections for signs of damage, proper tree maintenance, and timely treatment if an infestation is detected. In addition, planting trees that are resistant to pests and diseases can also help to prevent damage.

Overall, while boxelder bugs may be a nuisance to homeowners, they are not harmful to trees. By taking proactive steps to control their populations and protect trees from other pests, homeowners can help to ensure the health and longevity of their trees for years to come.

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