Health Problems Fleas Cause In Pets

Fleas are very known parasites that mostly live off the blood of mainly house pets. Dogs, cats, rabbits, and more can be affected by them. When dogs and cats have fleas, you might see their behaviour change drastically.

If you notice any unusual behaviour in your pests such as agitation or restlessness, your pet may be affected by fleas. Contact the professionals from The Exterminators Inc for detailed licensed and insured treatment.

They might seem irritated, restless, and paced around. One of the obvious signs that pets have when they have pets is that they tend to scratch themselves a lot. But are fleas just nuisances that are hard for your pets to get rid of, or is there something more going on that has serious consequences? In this article, we will explore the health problems fleas cause in pets, so you are in the know and well-prepared to take action when something like this happens.

  • Flea Allergy Dermatitis

One of the most visible signs in pets. Flea Allergy Dermatitis. The pet becomes very sensitive to flea saliva. It becomes so sensitive to a point, that the pet has to scratch itself to relieve them from the itch. Losing hair around the mouth area is common as well. Military Dermatitis is also a similar skin condition which leaves scabs over the body. It can be extremely discomforting to the point open wounds can even develop from scratching too long!

  • Tapeworm

Cats that have fleas will have to resort to eating the flea when it sees it on the ground. Cats eat fleas to get rid of them, but it can have other consequences as well. For tapeworms to complete their cycle they must go to another host in between. When a cat eats a flea that is infected with tapeworm, the cat swallows the larvae as well. What happens is that the tapeworm hatches inside the intestinal tract of the cat. For dogs, this issue is exactly the same.

  • Anemia

This is very concerning for pets that are either old and young. What they both have in common is that they are very vulnerable. Fleas are parasitic insects that live off the blood of other pets. They consume animal blood which are called blood meals. The loss of blood can be so severe with heavy infestations that an urgent blood transfusion is needed in order for the pet to survive!

  • Bartonellosis

It has been suggested that dogs and cats can be both infected by this bacteria that is caused by fleas. It is more so obvious in dogs than cats. The bacteria cause lung infection and has a couple of symptoms including diarrhea, vomiting, irregular heartbeat, pain in joints, and even changes in brain functions.

As you can read, what is mostly thought of as a nuisance can have a devastating impact on your beloved pets. To have security for your pets and your household, hire professional flea control technicians from Exterminator Peterborough. We have over a decade of experience in resolving the most stubborn flea cases. All of our technicians are trained, certified, and licensed to get the fleas out of your home in no time. Call us for a free consultation and book us for your appointment.