rat poop in attic

Can Rats Infest Your Attic?

Rats can infest your attic. In fact, attics are some of rat’s favourite hiding places. This is a big problem from homeowners since most attics tend to be inaccessible and contain gaps, cervices and eaves where rats can hide successfully. This problem may be further compounded if your attic doesn’t have good ventilation or sturdy …

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Can Rats Attack Your Pets?

Rats tend to be even-tempered, neither aggressive nor docile. Rats can, however, become very aggressive if cornered, injured or protecting a litter. Run-ins between rodents and pets are inevitable especially considering that dogs and cats have it in them to chase down, kill and even consume small wildlife. This shouldn’t be much of a problem …

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Using Bay Leaves to Repel Cockroaches – Does it work?

Cockroaches often get a bad reputation due to their habits and disgusting nature. However, cockroaches have a serious function and impact on our environment. They are perhaps natures leading recycling machines. Cockroaches munch on decaying matter to clean and reduce what would otherwise be a pretty smelly place. Cockroaches just as useful as they are …

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