What Do Cockroaches Eat and What Attracts Them Into Your House?

Do you know what attracts cockroaches in your home or office? Cockroaches in the home or workplace usually strike as not only repulsive but one of man’s worst nightmare. Imagine walking into your kitchen at night only to discover an intrusion, group of cockroaches littered every. No need discussing what follows next if you incidentally …

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Allergic Reaction to Ant Bites

It’s more common to fear an ant sting than become allergic to one. Different people get different reactions from ant bites and stings such as swollen foot, itching, and even a severe allergic reaction that might need immediate medical attention. After an ant bite, it’s normal to get a small itching lump, which will normally …

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What Plants Deter Ants

What Plants Deter Ants

There are several species of ants all over the world that are often a real pain to deal with both in your home and garden. Ants are very useful to our environment; they prey on fleas, termites, caterpillars among other bothersome insects. Even though they prey on these insects, they provide a hideaway for aphids …

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