Types of Rats in Canada

There are over 60 species of rats in the world although only two are common in Canada. The two species are the Norway rat and Roof rats. Rat control experts believe that only the Norway rat is native to Canada while the Roof rat was introduced into the country from abroad. Regardless of type of …

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What Do Cockroaches Eat and What Attracts Them Into Your House?

Cockroaches are both omnivores and scavengers. They will eat quite literally anything. Dead skin cells, garbage, feces, and other means of disgustingness are their ideal food source. With such a wide diet range, how could you ever hope to keep these nasty creatures out of your home? Fortunately, identifying a cockroach’s diet and understanding what …

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What is a Sewer Rat?

Imagine waking up in the morning and walking into your bathroom to get ready for work. Your sleepy and not quite fully awake. You lift the lid on your toilet to take care of business and find a live rat swimming around trying to get out. Suddenly, you are awake, alert, frightened, and disgusted. Believe …

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