Does Vinegar, Bleach and Detergent Solution Get Rid of Mice

Does Vinegar, Bleach and Detergent Solution Get Rid of Mice?

There are a few things that are creepier and more annoying than knowing that there is a mouse roaming in your house. In case you have spotted a mouse in your home, you need to know that you are not alone. These little critters are unwelcome roommates and are known to head for warm and cozy homes when the weather begins to get chilly, and food sources become scarce. One problem about these rodents is that they breed rapidly. There’s a myth about vinegar and detergents, does it help get rid of mice?

Strong smelling substances have the capability of repelling mice. In some instances, these substances may make a mouse more curious or cautious. However, one thing homeowners need to know is that they will not stop mice from coming into your home. Many homes in Canada have to deal with mice at some point and many of them call for mice removal services.

Apart from making your home smell like vinegar, these substances will do little to deter a mouse from your home. To ensure that mice do not gain entry into your home, block their entrance holes. Ensure that you inspect the area around the foundation of your house, outdoors along baseboards, closet doors, or in cabinets for potential entry holes. It’s important to note that even a dime-sized hole will grant passage to mice. You could stuff steel wool or any other metal into the hole and seal it with caulk.

Check these holes periodically to see if mice have chewed them, and replace it if necessary. You could also set traps of your choice in areas you are sure mice frequent to catch them. Make sure that you store food in tightly closed containers and vacuum your house to make it less attractive to mice.

Placing cotton balls soaked in detergent or vinegar in places mice frequent will only affect how the mice behave. Mice often leave an oily scent. They detect changes in their trail, and by using vinegar and detergent, their trails get distorted. This slows them down. Peppermint oil can also be used to distort their movement.

It is important to note that vinegar does kill some things but it only 90% effective against bacteria and 80% effective against viruses, mould, and mildew. Bleach, on the other hand, kills 90% of viruses and bacteria. However, vinegar and bleach cannot be used to effectively get rid of rats in your home. Homeowners have a better chance of getting rid of mice using traps and poison baits than using vinegar and detergents. Vinegar and bleach detergents can be used effectively to decontaminate areas that are frequented by mice.

The course of action to take when dealing with a mice infestation is to call in your local pest control service. Your pest control service company know how to find out how, why and where the mice are hiding in your home. They will also use minimal effort and cause little to no damage to your home getting rid of these pesky critters. A pest control Toronto service will also ensure that your home is proofed to discourage future infestation of the rodents.