Deck Exclusion and Rat Removal done in Toronto

Exterior Inspection 

The customer complained of a dead rat smell in the basement whereafter a technician was deployed. The stench mainly came from the basement and the bathroom. The technician first started the exterior inspection from the outside of the property and moved to the exterior. These inspections are extremely important as it gives the technician the possibility to understand the situation in depth and to understand how the rats move from the exterior to the interior and from there on.  

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The technician noted that he could not spot entry points in the basement, but he was able to find entry points around the yard deck. Rats are notorious for digging under structures. This is because rats dig burrows in areas where there is a food source nearby. The deck is a good structure for the rat because it will act like a fortified bunker. Whenever the rat is under threat, the rat will pull back to the burrow under the deck. There was additional concern at a nearby shed. 

A trench was being dug around the shed and the deck for exclusion.

 Initial Measures Taken 

 The rats were combatted using snap traps and exterior tamper-proof bait stations.

These bait stations have been loaded with commercial-grade bait blocks. These blocks will function as poisoned food. So as the rats will eat from the bait, the rats will slowly perish over time. Since the baits are multi-feed, it will take some time to kill the rats, but it will keep other animals from dying if they accidentally ingest the poison. The bait stations are placed at strategic locations where these rats are mostly spotted. These bait stations cannot be opened by any other person than a technician and will keep pets and children far out of reach from these bait blocks.

For the interior of the property, snap traps were loaded in places of high activity. Snap traps are traps that are lethal when they are triggered. These snap traps can break rat necks on the spot. It will take rats a few days to even a few weeks to either leave the property or perish away. This is influenced by several factors such as accessibility to food and entry points. Nonetheless, the rats will be eradicated as soon as possible.

For the deck, a Rat One-Way Door was attached. The One-Way Door leads the rats out while not being able to come back in. The deck was also excluded. This was done by digging a trench around the perimeter of the deck. Steel mesh is placed in an L-shape, and this prevents rats as well as skunks from digging underneath the deck.

A  One-Way raccoon Door and baby door were also attached, in case raccoon babies were found under the shed. Baby raccoon One-Way Doors are easier to get through than their adult counterparts.

For the shed, a One-Way Door was installed for possible raccoons and the baby.

The technician also installed wall vents to exterior vents, and this prevents animals such as rats from finding their way into the inside of the building


The rat case was a success, and the case was successfully closed. The smell was notably lesser when they came back for exclusion and the property was fully excluded by sealing entry points with steel mesh to make sure no wildlife animal could take advantage of the property anymore. It is very important to know as a property owner to be able to recognize the signs of an animal infestation and what to do against it. Over-the-counter measures have little effect because of the lack of active ingredients and lack of knowledge that is needed to deploy these rat poisons effectively. Need to get rid of pests so they won’t come back? Call The Exterminators at 647-496-2211