The Exterminators offers professional and effective pest control services in Mississauga and its environs for both commercial and residential infestations. We are fully licensed by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and properly insured to kill common pests. Our staff has decades of combined experience and expertise in effective extermination.

The Exterminators are knowledgeable, polite, experienced and well equipped to handle even the most difficult and complicated invasions and infestations.

We are a privately held company and this business model allows us to treat clients as persons as opposed to just another account. This personal touch means our technicians take extra care while working around your property and equipment and leave the work site in good condition.

We are also happy to adjust our schedule to meet your most convenient hours whether that means working on weekends, after hours or during off-peak times.

Residential Pest Control Mississauga

We work in all kinds of residences from apartment complex to single-family homes.

Local Company: we are a local company which allows us to get to clients quickly and efficiently. This is especially advantageous in an emergency situation. The close proximity to clients also allows us to keep prices down.

Guaranteed Service: all our pest control Mississauga services are backed by a 6 months warranty. Our technicians will continue to work on your home during the warranty period if needed and at no extra cost.

Adhere to Laws and Regulations: we adhere to all federal and provincial laws, regulations and guidelines especially regarding the types of chemicals and products we use in residential properties. Our chief aim is to use the most effective yet family and pet friendly extermination measures.

A name you can trust. We do not put pests in their place. We send pests packing.  We draw from our decades of experience in pest control to see every job through. To the bitter end. Literally. We actually enjoy doing so!

All services and products are used in a safe way in accordance to provincial and federal laws and guidelines. Safe for you, your family, your pets, but certainly not safe for pests!

All services are backed by our guarantee. We take pride in our work and we follow through. If pests return in the warranty period so do we at no additional cost.

A team with decades of experience and a wealth of knowledge. Every member of our team has loads of real time problem solving experience. Just give us a call! You are in good hands!

Commercial Pest Control Mississauga

The Exterminators provide effective pest control for all types of commercial clients including kitchens and restaurants, warehouses and factories, office buildings, retail spaces and more.

Discreet Service: our technicians use unmarked vehicles to protect your business brand and image. The details about your infestation are confidential.

Insured Company: we are properly insured and licensed to protect your business from liability or legal issues in the unlikely event of damage, injury or other unforeseen incident.

Customized Service: The Exterminators prides itself in creating custom solutions and services so you don’t have to pay for more than you need. We also offer pest maintenance services to ensure that the pests don’t come back in future.

We understand hospitality, the urgency, customers and the desire to be the best in your craft. Rest assured we work smart in getting your pest problems solved. We will send them packing!

Pest eradication and maintenance. Customers and employees need a pest free environment. Let us make sure this is the case. We offer the most comprehensive programs in the business.

Pest problems are not only bothersome for restaurants and commercial kitchens, they can be a problem for any type of business setting, office spaces and office kitchens included.

With constant traffic going through, warehouses and factories are particularly sensitive to pest problems. Rodent problems in particular. They can enter through open doors and loading docs and grow in numbers over time.


We get many calls from homeowners who have tried to get rid of pests but failed repeatedly. DIY pest control almost always fails for the following reasons;

  • Most homeowners simply don’t have the knowledge to exterminate pests effectively. Laying traps for rats indiscriminately can be dangerous for children and pets. Spraying a pharaoh ant nest causes the surviving queens to split and form satellite colonies, spreading the infestation even further. DIY pest control is more likely to make the problem worse than to resolve it.
  • Most over-the-counter pesticides and rodenticides exaggerate their claims. It is well documented that cockroaches have developed immunity to most common pesticides and the same can be said for most other pests. Stringent chemical control laws and regulations limit the active ingredients that can be used on over-the-counter pesticides. Only exterminators and other licensed professionals can purchase potent pest control chemicals and products.
  • Most successful exterminations require multiple procedures, products and applications to be successful. Only a trained professional can determine which combination of strategies will work best based on the results of his findings during inspection.

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Why us?


If contractual pests return following service and within the guarantee and warranty period we will return at no additional cost. We work hard on keeping our customers pest free. We guarantee every service and provide extensive warranties to make sure pests are gone and our customers are happy. Call Exterminator Mississauga.