The Top 5 Mice Repellents – Do They Work?

Do Mouse Repellents Work?

Mice are one of the most common household pests. While they are not necessarily harmful, they can cause significant amounts of damage to your home and can also spoil foods. For that reason, there have been many different ways developed to prevent mice from getting into your home or storage area. Mice can even find their way through air conditioners. Throughout this article, we will take a look at the top five mice repellents that are most popular at preventing mice from causing havoc in your life. Do they work? Well, let’s say that nothing works as good as having a professional exterminator inspect the property for mice exterminator. At the bottom of the article, you will also find a list of products that we retail and we know are effective in controlling a mouse population.

1. Shake-Away Mouse Repellent

Shake-Away Rodent Repellent
Shake-Away Rodent Repellent

One of the most effective mouse repellents that you can purchase is from Shake-Away. This product comes in granules that you can shake around areas which you known mice to live, or areas where they are most likely to enter your home. These granules are made out of fox and bobcat urine. Since these are two very common predators for mice, they pick up on the scent and recognize that there is a threat in the area. Essentially, the mice learn that your home or storage area is frequented by predators- a fact that is enough to scare them away.

2. Peppermint Oil

Peppermint Oil
Peppermint Oil

Many people are very hesitant to use any chemicals in their home, even if it is to keep mice away. That is why organic mouse repellents are starting to gain favour. Peppermint oil is one of the most effective means of keeping mice away. The good news is that the brand does not matter, peppermint oil simply overwhelms the sense of smell for mice and they learn to keep away. Put this around any interior areas where you believe mice to be.

3. Ultrasonic Mouse Repellents


Several major brands, like Victor and Home Defense, have decided to use technology as a mice repellent. They utilize high-frequency sound waves in order to drive mice away from the area in which it is set up. They have a moderate to high rate of success, and since they use a sound frequency that is beyond our hearing, it does not cause any discomfort for people or pets in the home. This is a great alternative for people who do not wish to place chemicals around their home or those who have small children.

4. Critter Ridder

Critter Ridder

Does Critter Ridder work on mice?  Critter Ridder is a well-known line of natural rodent repellents from Havahart. This repellent is made from black pepper oil, capsaicin and piperine. It is marketed as effective for keeping away critters such chipmunks, mice, rats, raccoons, skunks, squirrels and other rodents. The repellent uses an offending odour and taste to keep the critters away. The product comes in granulated form and is applied generously along the perimeter of the problem area such as yard, attic, basement or another area. The results for this product are mixed at best and there is little evidence to suggest that this is an effective form of critter control for the following reasons.

Mixed User Reviews

Critter Ridder mouse repellent has a review of 2.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon. A few users swear by the product while many claim that it simply doesn’t work. Critters living in urban areas are highly adaptable which is why over-the-counter repellents typically don’t work. The animals quickly get used to the new odors and will only stay away temporarily at best.

A consumer relations representative from Havahart reassures a disgruntled customer that the critters need some time and multiple contacts with the product before learning to keep away. This rationale seems exactly the opposite of how repellents should work.


This brand is one of the more expensive rodent repellents out there. It covers about 300 square feet which is far less coverage than you would get from a spray repellent of similar strength and active ingredients. A number of users who have seen results with the product claim that the repellent loses its potency after heavy rains or after watering the yard.

Pungent Smell

Repellents of this kind keep animals away with their odour and this product is no different. The mouse repellent has a potent odour that may reach the house depending on how much you apply and how close to the house. Multiple users also report that the smell seems to attract dogs.

Too Many Variables

It is difficult to dismiss Critter Ridder mouse repellent, or any other such repellent, as entirely useless because clearly, some users have gotten positive results from their use. There are many factors that affect the potency and effectiveness of repellents including the area’s climate, where the product is placed, the quantities applied and more. If you must use this or any other repellent, purchase the smallest possible size to test for effectiveness before investing in more. There is no evidence that this product is dangerous to pets although it may cause them to sneeze.

5. Alternatives to Natural Mouse Repellent

Hire an exterminator in Toronto to get rid of mice and other critters from your home or yard. An exterminator has the relevant knowledge to assess the extent of your problem and come up with the most effective, cost-efficient and permanent critter control method based on your circumstances.

6. Dried Snake Excrement

Dried Snake Excrement
Dried Snake Excrement

Another one of the organic, yet effective solutions is using snake excrement. Since snakes are one of the primary predators of mice, having their droppings around the exterior parts of your home where mice are entering will keep them away. They will recognize the danger and move on to a home where there are no signs of a snake. Fortunately, this is a cheap solution, as many pet stores will provide you with the excrement free of charge. Also, there is no smell or chemicals for you to worry about. Using all these different means, you can find a solution that will prevent mice from entering your home. You can try them in combination with one another or see if you can find one that works particularly well for the mice near your home. Keep in mind that some of the repellents listed here may be harmful if consumed by pets or children, and should be used safely. Aside from that suggestion, the chances are that one of these solutions will work well for you, and relieve you of any mice-related pest problems.

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Article Updated: October 24th, 2018