Do Carpenter Ants Hybernate

Do Carpenter Ants Hybernate?

Carpenter ants start off outside by finding a piece of rotting wood on your property. This could be an old shed, a rotting stump or a pile of wood. Either way the infestation always starts outside. The carpenter ants are searching for four things. They need safety from predators that like to eat them like birds and other animals. They also need food. Access to your kitchen would do nicely for them so it is very important to seal away any and all food. They also need water and they can get it almost anywhere there is moisture so make sure your house is dry as a bone. The last thing they need is only in the winter, warmth. It is best to contact a professional carpenter ant exterminator in the Greater Toronto Area to declare your home ant-free as soon as possible!


Carpenter ants can hibernate. Their bodies slow down and they have trouble moving so they stockpile food and seal the entrance to their colony for the winter. This is not a great choice as many will die from lack of food so the ants prefer to remain active during the winter and they do that by building a satellite colony in your home. They can drill deep enough to find a heat source suitable to allow their colony to continue to function throughout the winter, allowing them to continue to bring food and water to the nest they have made in your home. 

Now turning off your heat won’t work. It would take days for the temperature in your home to reach a low enough level and all you would be doing is making them go to sleep. If you want those ants out of your home you need to give them a reason to leave.

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