How To Deal With Carpenter Ants In The Attic

How To Deal With Carpenter Ants In The Attic

Carpenter ants are a frustrating infestation that can cause a great deal of damage to your home. If you have an infestation your food could also be getting infected by these ants feces. Carpenter ants usually start their primary colony in an external area of rotting wood like an old stump or pile of wood. These things are important to get rid of to avoid a carpenter ant infestation. It is best to contact professional carpenter ant exterminator Toronto in the Greater Toronto Area to declare your home ant-free as soon as possible!

The ants will then begin infiltrating your home looking for safe warm places to begin new colonies. These places are often damp so if your roof has a leak then your attic is the perfect place for carpenter ants to infest. 

To deal with carpenter ants in the attic you will need to make sure your roof is intact. Call a roofer or do the repairs yourself but make sure to fix any leaks because that is a major cause of the attic infestation of carpenter ants. 

You will also want to take away their food source, clean your house vigorously and make sure to store your food in hard plastic containers that seal with lids. Remove any clutter from the house andy any wood that may be rotting. Seal leaky drains and faucets and that should help prevent the infestation. 

But if the infestation is already there then you will need to take more serious precautions. If you find holes in your walls with powdered woodpiles, wings or ants that are flying around then your infestation is very serious and needs to be dealt with by a professional. 

The technicians at the exterminators inc have all the tools they need to handle your infestation, get rid of the ants in your attic and clean the area to ensure there are no toxic substances left. 

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