Does Black Pepper Really Repel Rats or Mice?

Does Black Pepper Really Repel Rats or Mice?

While pepper has many useful applications in the kitchen, it is surprising to know that pepper might be an effective repellent or poison against rat presence in your home. The reason for this being is that because black pepper is supposed to contain high concentrations of a chemical called Piperine which is highly toxic to rats. It is best to contact rat control in the Greater Toronto Area to declare your home rat-free as soon as possible!

Seeing that it is toxic, it is highly unlikely that rats will consider you a large amount of it. There are reasons why black pepper is considered an effective home remedy against rats. You may be wondering about another home remedy lime, and does lime keep rats away?  The first reason is that many people believe the black-purple pepper will act as a poison and will kill the rat other people believe that it acts as an irritant which will make rats leave the area. Rats are very cautious rodents and for this reason, black pepper will not be effective in getting rid of rats knowing that rats will always test the food for any harm. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that the rats will consume black pepper in large quantities enough to kill. Some people say that bleach can kill mice and completely eradicate mouse infestation. But can bleach kill mice? The answer is no, bleach can harm mice at all.

While the use of black pepper might be useful in some instances, as it can be seen as a humane way to repel rats,  it might not be a permanent solution to rid your house of them. For this reason it is highly advisable to contact a reputable local The Exterminators – Pest Control Mississauga service based in the Greater Toronto Area. The reason for this is that hiring a pest control service is time and cost-effective. The technicians will employ the best method possible do you rid your house in a fast and efficient way. It will do this by looking for any structural weaknesses in your property such as cracks, crevices, and foundational gaps through which rats will find their way in. after finding structural gaps, the technician can make recommendations on how to seal areas prone to rat entry. 

Due to the many diseases, rats are known to carry, any presents or suspicion thereof should be reported immediately. Signs of rat infestation may include droppings, seeing bite marks, or hearing activity at night time since they are nocturnal by nature. If you see any live animal please do not hesitate to contact a pest control service right away to deal with the problem at hand. As we are going through unprecedented times, The emphasis on hygiene has never been greater than today. As we are practicing social-distancing, it is important to know that our technician can treat your house with personal protective equipment so that you feel more at ease as we treat your house.