Where Do Mice Tend to Hide In a House?

If you notice an increase in rodent activity when cold weather sets in, it is not a coincidence. Like humans, mice prefer a warm home and will nest inside your house if the weather outside is unforgiving. Mice, however, nest inside homes in Toronto in any weather so even one mouse in your home can indicate an infestation and you need to call your local mouse control Toronto provider as soon as possible.

Where Mice Hide

Knowing where mice tend to hide should help you to identify areas to concentrate your inspection. Notorious hiding spots include in the kitchen (the most common hiding place), in storage boxes, basement, attic, garage, crawl spaces, closets, behind appliances such as stoves, and under piles of clutter.

It is equally important that you are able to identify a mouse nest. This typically looks like a bird’s nest but is made from debris found around your houses such as pillow stuffing, paper, pieces of cloth, and food wrappers. The nest also has a clearly-defined runway that the rodents use to get in and out. It is advisable to locate and seal mouse entry points. We put together a comprehensive guide on how to seal mouse entry points and how to find a possible location of entry points

How to Get Rid of Mice

DIY mouse control is ill-advised for the following reasons;

Mice, like most rodents, carry a host of diseases including plague, leptospirosis, Lassa fever, and Leptospirosis. Mice can be vicious when threatened and will easily bite if cornered. The mouse nest is also fertile ground for these diseases some of which are airborne. Handling a mouse or mouse nest without the proper safety equipment puts you at serious risk of infection.

You also need to positively identify the rodent before deciding on the best pest control measure. Simply hearing rodent activity in your attic doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a mouse problem. You might have rats, raccoons, squirrels or some other rodent. Successful extermination entirely depends on positively identifying the invader and using the appropriate pest control measure.

Finally, over-the-counter rodenticides are not nearly as effective what professionals use. Some of the active ingredients that work best for mice control include chlorophacinone and diphacinon. Theses are only available to certified exterminators. Additionally, you also risk poisoning your children and pets if you are not meticulous or well informed about laying mouse bait and poison. As far as traps are concerned some choices are more questionable than others such as glue traps. 

For these reasons and more, it is necessary to call a professional exterminator in Toronto to get rid of the mice. The expert not only guarantees successful extermination but also rodent-proofs your home to avoid a recurring mouse problem. Ask for a warranty for at least six months for the extermination. Mouse control can be difficult even for a professional so you need assurance that the problem is taken care of once and for all.

The Exterminators team of professional pest control experts in Toronto will help you get rid of all mice in your home quickly and effectively. So, give us a call today, and your problem will be solved in the next business day. Please check our selection of mouse traps in Toronto.