How to Find Mice Entry Points

It is often mistakenly believed that mice will only invade filthy environments, but that is simply not true. Even the cleanliest of homes may face an invasion of rodents. Despite best efforts to keep your home and property clean, mice will find ways to access food and water inside your home. Moisture in sinks and tubs provides them with plenty of drinking water. They can also chew through bags and boxes of food to gain access to the food they need to survive. If you have pets, food and water bowls are also a great resource for food and water.

Drying out sinks and tubs, placing food in sealed plastic containers and removing food and water bowls daily is just part of a prevention plan. To keep mice out of your home, you need to find all of their entry points before using any mouse control solutions. Knowing how to find those entry points is easy with the right tips and advice.

1. Vinyl Siding Entry Point

Vinyl Siding - Mouse Entry Point
Vinyl Siding – Mouse Entry Point

If you have vinyl siding, mice will explore it for weaknesses. For instance, the J-channels and corner posts that cover the ends of the siding often have hollows in them. Mice will enter those hollows to get into your home and behind your walls. Once behind your walls, mice will use their sharp teeth and claws to create a hole and get inside your home.

Fortunately, you can fill the J-channels and corner posts with a combination of steel mesh, steel wool pads, and silicone caulk. Their sharp teeth cannot chew through the steel wool or steel mesh, and the silicone caulk adds and an extra layer of protection to help hold the wool or mesh in place.

2. Brick Weaknesses

Inspect the outside of your brick home and look for gaps between the bricks, sometimes called weeping holes. If you notice any gaps, make sure you fill them using a proper mortar. Touch up any areas around your brick home in need of mortar filling to mice cannot get in behind the interior walls of your home.

3. Foundation Entry Points

Foundation - Mouse Entry Point
Foundation – Mouse Entry Point

Mice will also look for weaknesses in your foundation. Cracks and gaps commonly form in the foundation. Stacked stone foundations are particularly susceptible to damages that provide entry for mice. Fill any cracks or gaps you find with silicone caulk to prevent mice from gaining entry into your home.

4. Garage Entry Points

Garage - Mouse Entry Point
Garage – Mouse Entry Point

If you have an attached garage, it is easy for mice to get into your home. They use uneven garage doors to their advantage to slip under them. Also, if you tend to leave your garage door open for extended periods, it is like putting out a welcome sign for mice. Clutter in the garage is also a big attraction for mice.

Make sure you reduce clutter in the garage. Also, inspect the sheetrock to see if there are any cracks, holes, or other entry points and fill them with silicone caulk. Do not leave your garage door open for an extended period, and place weather stripping along the bottom of the garage door to create a tight seal.

5. Chimney Weaknesses

Chimney Weaknesses
Chimney Weaknesses Can be Used by Mice to Enter Buildings

The chimney is also a weakness. Mice have claws that allow them to climb up anything that gives them a good enough grip. The brick of your chimney is rough enough that they can use their claws to climb up the exterior of the chimney and down the interior. Fortunately, you can install metal sheeting around the base of the chimney so that mice cannot climb it.

6. Utility Line Entry Points

Inspect both the inside and outside of your home where utility lines run in. Check around plumbing pipes and gas lines. You may notice gaps large enough for a mouse to slip into your home. Make sure you place silicone caulk around the utility lines on the inside and outside of your home so mice cannot get into your home.

7. Roof Entry Points

If you have damages and gaps in your roof, mice will enter your home through the attic. Poke your head up into the attic and look for areas where you see daylight shining through. Address roof repair immediately to ensure mice cannot make their way inside.

Article Updated: September 19th, 2018 

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