What Are Common Rat Control Solutions

What Are Common Rat Control Solutions?

Rats are nefarious creatures. Rats invade homes and businesses and build nests, and the problem has grown to immense proportions throughout Canada. Recently, Toronto seems to have an uncontrollable rat problem. Learning different methods of rat control, however, can assist you in removing these pests from your home and property.

Different Solutions

There are various solutions you can use to control rats, but some of those solutions work better than others. Understanding how each solution works can help you determine which one might be right for you.

The Use of Traps

Traps are one way to control rats in your home. There are a few traps you can try. For instance, you have a live trap. The pros of a live trap include:

  • Most humane method of control
  • Does not pose a danger to you, pets, and children
  • Easy to bait
  • Can add camouflage to hide the trap from rats, making them easier to trick into the trap

There are also downsides to a live trap, which include:

  • Possibility of trapping the wrong animal
  • Rats may re-enter your home upon release if you do not take them far enough away (release at least a mile from your home)
  • Must deal with a live rat, which might make some people nervous or frightened

You can also use snap traps. Like the live trap, snap traps also have pros and cons. There are plenty of pros, such as:

  • Cost-effective method of control
  • Easy to bait
  • Not easily hidden, so must use in clusters in areas with lots of rat activity
  • High-speed, high-pressure kill bar for fast, humane lethality
  • Reusable

There are also downsides to consider, like:

  • Seeing the deceased rat and having to dispose of it (might make some squeamish, wear gloves when disposing of rat carcass)
  • May cause serious injuries to you, pets, and children (keep out of reach of children and pets)
  • May pose dangers to you and children if you use poison as a bait (use peanut butter, grains, or greasy meats instead)

You may also consider the use of electronic traps. Electronic traps offer benefits such as:

  • Humane killing method (7,000 to 8,000 volts for fast, painless kill)
  • No-see, no-touch design (you do not have to see or touch the rat carcass upon disposal)
  • Easy to bait (preferably use peanut butter, grains, or greasy meats)

Downsides to using this trap include:

  • Must be used up high
  • May pose a hazard to children and pets
  • Not as cost-friendly as snap traps

Another option you might see is the glue trap. However, the glue trap is not a recommended method for rat control. In fact, you may find yourself in violation of certain regulations Canada has in place that protects wildlife from unnecessary suffering, pain, and fear.

Glue traps effectively trap rats, but they may decide to chew off their own limbs to escape. Even if they do not chew off their limbs, the rat will die a slow and unnecessarily painful death, which causes it to suffer.

The Use of Prevention

Prevention is one of your best method sof control. Prevention means preventing rats from gaining entry and having a source of food and water so they choose to move on elsewhere. Your best method of prevention includes:

  • Sealing all food – Place unsealed chip bags, cereal, crackers, flour, rice, and other foods in sealable bags or plastic containers
  • Removing pet bowls – Clean up any leftover pet food and water bowls every single night before you go to bed
  • Removing trash – Empty your indoor trash cans every night and place the trash in a tied-up trash bag in an outdoor bin with a secure lid
  • Sealing entry points – Plug holes around sinks and pipes, fix cracks in foundations, place weather stripping around doors and windows, fix torn or broken mesh, and repair holes in the walls

Prevention can persuade rats to avoid your home since they will not find an adequate source of food and water needed to survive.

The Use of Predators

Sometimes the smell of a predator can entice rats to avoid your home and property. Predators can include pet snakes and cats. Also, do not attempt to remove natural predators from your property, such as owls, hawks, and outdoor snakes.

The Use of a Professional

Finally, the most ideal method of control is the use of a professional. A professional can come in and provide you proper methods of rat removal and control. Also, professionals know how to handle rats in a way that does not violate any Canadian regulations that protect wildlife. Contact the Exterminators, we also offer a complete range of rat control products. For more information call: 647-496-2211.