How To Keep Mice Out Of Your House

We’ve all had unwanted guests in our home at some time, whether it be a visit from the in-laws on the holidays or a roommate from college who ends up couch surfing for a year. Still the nuisance that these visitors cause pales in comparison to when mice infest your home. What some people are surprised to learn is that mice don’t simply choose a house at random. There are a number of easy methods that people can take to make sure in-laws are the only unwanted guests in their home.  Your best bet is to hire an exterminator to perform professional mouse control.

Seal Up The House

The number one step on how to keep mice out of your house is to find and limit the ways they can enter. Sealing up every hole on the exterior of the home is an absolute necessity to keep the rodents evicted. This involves putting spray foam in any cracks in the foundation, applying tin near the bottom of the house, and fixing any holes in the siding. Don’t use anything for mice fumigation, since there are no working fumigation methods to use against mice.

Clean Up Your Home

It’s a good general rule of thumb to keep old food and soda cans cleaned up around the house but especially if you want to detract vermin. What most people don’t know is that mice are not only attracted to old pizza laying around, but also items they can use to make a nest including cardboard boxes, insulation, and piled up newspapers.

Increase the Distance of the Mice

The closer that a mouse is to your house, the more tempted it will be to creep its way inside. Because of this people should move items that are traditional mouse havens as far away from the house as possible. Wood piles, compost bins, and old vehicles should be stored as close to the end of your property line as possible.

It’s especially important to survey your house for mice prevention as winter approaches and mice look to get out of the cold and make nests inside your warm home. If the problem gets out of hand call The Exterminators: 647-496-2211 for professional mouse control treatments. If you want to try the process yourself here are some products from our mouse traps Toronto section. For guaranteed mouse control services call: 647-496-2211