How to Get Rid of Mice From Inside Your Walls

How to Get Rid of Mice From Inside Your Walls

Once mice get into your house getting rid of them can be very difficult. Mice live in hidden areas within the home including walls, storage boxes, attics, and lofts, often times the mice never venture out of their nests in within the walls during day light. The presence of the mice is however made obvious by their gnawing and clawing sounds. The feeding and nesting habits of mice cause serious damage to human food sources and wooden surfaces. Mice can get in through your AC as well and do damage in ways you wouldn’t expect. The presence of mice often indicated by chew or bite marks in these areas. There are tested and proven ways of getting rid of mice from the inside of your walls. You also should find mice entry points and seal them up.

1. Use ultrasound devices

Purchase an ultrasound device from a hard hardware store. The ultrasound devices make an annoying noise. The noise is not audible to human ears but it is very annoying and disturbing to the mice. The noise from the device will drive the mice out of your walls. This is one the best ways of getting rid of mice without causing any harm to them.

2. Use mouse traps

The mouse only come out of their nests in the walls when they want food. Set up the mouse traps strategically near the food supply.The traps should remain unset for a few days to trick the mouse into thinking that the traps are safe. Then set up the traps to capture the mice.

3. Use glue traps

Get glue traps from the supermarket, then set them up strategically near your walls. The traps are capable of catching two mice at once. The downside of this method is that the mice may die of starvation, or stress because you may not hear them crying, this is unless catch them and release them somewhere else.

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