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Can Good Housekeeping Prevent a Bed Bug Infestation

Bed bugs Toronto are parasites that feed on human blood. They stay in warm places especially beds where they feed on their hosts at nights. They are very difficult to detect. Their presence can only be indicated by brown stains on the walls and on bedding or if individuals complain of bites during while they are sleeping. Other than using pesticides, good housekeeping is also another way of preventing bed bug infestation. Bed bugs can be brought into the house in clothes or luggage from an infested place.

Therefor an individual is advised to inspect all their items that they had carried to a trip before they bring them into their houses. In case they are infested wash the clothes separately at the highest temperature that the materials can withstand. Vacuum the luggage and any other equipment that had been carried from the trip. Clean the floor completely as some may fall off the items. The vacuuming dirt should be carefully disposed in a sealed plastic bag far away from the house. If you are dealing with bed bugs in your property and you want to get rid of them in a fast and effective way call the professionals from Bed Bug Exterminator Toronto. We will get your property bed bug free as soon as possible!

Second hand furniture can also bring in these parasites to a house. It should be inspected carefully in all the corners and crevices. Clean them up thoroughly in case there are any bedbugs. Bedding are known to be the best habitat for these parasites. Washing bed linen and vacuuming the mattress regularly, will lower the chances of a bed bug infestation. It is also advisable to keep beds away from the wall and bedding away from the floors to reduce the chances of them crawling to the bed. Unlike lice they crawl their way into a new habitat. Regular cleaning of the floor will also keep bedbugs away.

Bed bugs are also known to hide in tiny dark and warm corners. Keeping all corners and crevices of the house clean will reduce the chances of harbouring bed bugs anywhere in the house. Keep the outside of the house entirely clean. Ensure there are no holes that can let bedbugs in. Any holes should be sealed completely. Call The Exterminators – Pest Control Toronto today for quality pest removal: 647-496-2211.