Is There Any Way I can Lure Rats out of My Garage

Is There Any Way I Can Lure Rats Out of My Garage?

Rats are terrible pests to have in the garage. They’re destructive, hazardous, and frightening. Rats carry diseases with them wherever they go, and they’ll cost you hundreds – if not thousands – in damages to the structure of your home. It’s important to get the rats out as soon as possible. If there is a rat problem in your garage and you need help, reach out to rat exterminator now.

The most likely species of rat to invade your garage is the brown rat, also commonly known as the Norway rat. This rat has a shaggy brown fur coat, a rounded snout, and oval-shaped ears. Its body measures up to 40cm in length and it has a nearly hairless tail that can reach up to 20cm long. Rats are omnivorous scavengers that will eat practically anything organic. They are attracted to the odour of garbage and food that is stored in the garage. These rodents like the cluttered shelter and proximity to food that garages often provide. At night, rats will feast on whatever they find inside the garage and venture out as far as 100m away for food and water.

To lure the rats out of the garage, you should first remove what attracted them there in the first place. If you store food in the garage, keep it in tightly sealed, tamper-proof containers. Avoid keeping any food in the garage if you can. Some people use lime powder but does lime keep rats away? It is more important to keep your garage tidy than placing home remedies around. Garbage and recycling should also be kept in lidded cans that can be closed shut, preferably out of the garage as well. If there is a sink in the garage, be sure that its faucet does not leak. Finally, remove clutter from the garage and tidy up as best you can. Rats like to have plenty of places to hide and exposing those places will encourage them to leave and find a new home.

The next thing you should do is prevent the rats from going in and out of the garage. Install a weatherstrip to the bottom of the garage door and check for any other cracks or crevices the animals could be using to get inside. Fix whatever gaps you find or use silicone caulking to seal them up. A wildlife removal technician can identify potential entry points and make them impenetrable for you. He or she can also install a one-way door to an entrance the rats are using to allow them to leave and prevent them from coming back.

There is no trick to luring rats out of the garage but removing the food sources stored within and blocking the rats’ re-entry works well. The key is to make the garage unattractive enough to encourage the animals to leave. If you’re struggling with a rat infestation in the garage, you should also consider hiring a professional to remove them. He or she will place traps inside the garage and bait stations outside the home to eliminate the rats entirely. Call The Exterminators – Pest Control Mississauga (647-496-2211) for a thorough inspection and removal of the rats that are giving you trouble.