Lime Powder and Rats Control – Does It Work?

Lime powder, whether in calcium hydroxide (Lime-sulfur) form or calcium carbonate (garden lime) is a very useful gardening product for killing small insects, fungi and pest plants.

There is however no evidence to suggest that lime powder actually works for exterminating rats. In fact, no serious rat exterminator Toronto experts would claim to use or suggest using the lime powder for rat control.

How to Get Rid of Rats

An alternative to lime powder is of course trapping and certified rat poison. Although these two methods are very effective and commonly used by experts, it is prudent to hire a pest control expert in Ontario rather than perform DIY extermination.

For one, there is strict legislation regarding house-hold poisons in Ontario so there is high likelihood that any DIY poison you buy won’t be as effective as what a professional rat control company would use. Even with effective DIY rat poisons, you still need to be mindful of local and state laws governing the proper use of rodenticides to avoid fines and legal problems. These laws include using tamper-proof bait stations when performing DIY extermination using rodenticides, especially in a home with small children and pets.

Related to the previous point, there is always the possibility of accidentally poisoning children and pets.

Lastly, rats rarely die immediately after ingesting poison. Anybody who has experience with rodents can testify to their preference for dark corners, cervices and other hard-to-reach areas. Successful extermination may leave you dealing with rotting corpses which you are unable to find. Although DIY trapping may be an alternative to poisoning, you still have to deal with many of these potential problems.

Hire a Professional Pest Control Company

The best course of action is to call a rat exterminator in Ontario to help with the infestation. The expert will inspect the scale of the problem before deciding on the best way forward.

These pest control expert also offer additional but equally crucial services including clean-up. Rat excrement is fertile ground for diseases including leptospirosis, plague and hemorrhagic fever and rat-bite fever among others. Proper equipment including gloves, full-body suit and breathing apparatus is required for safe cleanup. Although bleach is often used to clean up after rat extermination, it is better to rely on stronger and proven cleaning compounds and equipment used by professionals.

Lastly, the expert will help you rodent-proof your home and suggest measures you can implement to avoid a rat problem in future.

There are many suggested DIY rat control methods including lime powder but these are rarely effective. It is best to hire a professional pest control company in Ontario for effective and permanent extermination. Many of these companies also offer a warranty of up to two-years in the unlikely event that the rat problem recurs.

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