Do I Need To Notify Authorities When I find A Rat In My Restaurant?

Do I Need To Notify Authorities When I find A Rat In My Restaurant?

There is no reason to notify the Health Authorities. Instead, notify directly the Exterminators Inc.. The reason being the fact that the responsibility of Health Authorities is to formulate solely the guidelines, which have to be followed in case of a rat infestation. Additionally, in the case of complaints by the neighbourhood with regards to a rat’s infestation, building- or homeowners are faced with a violation notice by the Health Department. 

Damages in our properties. Compromised cleanliness and purity of our restaurants. Contaminated food and equipment. Unpleasant odours that prove to disrupt productivity. Multiple food poisoning cases and possible permanent closure. These are just a few of the consequences that come along with a rat infestation in a restaurant. Rats are vectors of numerous diseases and reproduce at an exponential pace. Authorities in the case of rat infestation will not provide solutions. For a permanent eradication of your rat infestation problem, contact our expert rat exterminator services or call us promptly at 647 – 496 – 2211.

Hiring a professional pest control company immediately is an absolute requirement. Nevertheless, taking preventative measures urgently is if not equally, very important. Disinfection is the number one key when we are attempting to eliminate a rat infestation. Your business’s goal is to provide food, exactly what attracts rats. Thereupon, ensure that you are promptly disposing of food leftovers, cleaning floors, sinks, equipment and garbage bins thoroughly and regularly. Secure your trash with heavy-duty garbage cans that cannot be chewed from the rats dexterous teeth. Moreover, make sure to get rid of your garbage on a regular basis and place it in bins far from your property. Sealing your supplies in robust containers will help reduce rat activity and avoid having your food contaminated. Furthermore, you should perform decluttering sessions on an ordinary basis. Your clutter can act as rat nests and promote reproduction rather than elimination. There is additional information on how to get rid of rats in restaurant.

Furthermore, inspection is another extremely important aspect that should be taken into consideration when you are dealing with such a headache. A proper inspection will inform you about the severity and the extent of your rat problem and therefore determine the proper actions that should be followed. Throughout a proper inspection, all the possible entry points that these incredible creatures utilized to squeeze in and invade your kitchen will be located. Locating and sealing entry points is particularly important, since new rats can keep freely intruding your property, even if you managed to exterminate that one rat. That being said, business owners usually lack the expertise of a pest control company and the chances of conducting those steps properly themselves are minimal.

Consider the fact that female rats litter about 5-10 rat pups 6 times a year and their exponential rate of breeding. Consider the serious damages that are performing at your restaurant at this very moment. Consider the health risks that they are putting your employees and your customers on. Therefore, analyze your options and determine your following steps. Our licensed technicians at The Exterminators – Pest Control Mississauga are 365 days a year available to serve your needs.