Is it Bad to Have a Rat in the Garden

Is it Bad to Have a Rat in the Garden?

Having a rat in the garden is always bad news no matter what time of the year or what season it is. Rats are opportunistic rodents and will seek out food whenever they have the chance. Garbage, pet food, and even vegetation in your own garden is a great insensitive for the rat to set up shop by digging a burrow and staying there indefinitely. The rat that is mostly likely to be seen in your garden is the Norway Rat. It is characterized by its brown fur. It is the same type of rat you will see on the streets that’s why it is also called the common rat.

If you have a rat in your garden, chances are that it is not only one rat you, but multiple. To get rid get rid of them, hire the rat control experts at The Exterminators Inc. 

If you have a vegetable garden or a nice flowerbed, chances are that it will get destroyed and contaminated. Rats can greatly devastate your garden’s appearance rapidly with feces and urine spread all over. Rats will nibble and chew on everything they can find, and that excludes anything edible as well. The issue is that it is often not about one rat, but multiple rats.

Rat in the trashcan
Rats will take advantage of every source of food they can find and will go all out

Often, rats stay with multiple families in one burrow and function through a hierarchical structure. The more dominant the rat is, the closer it is to the food chamber, the less dominant the rat is, the farther away it is from the food chamber. Rats are nocturnal by nature but can be active during the day as well. Typically, the dominant rats of the burrow go outside late a night at prime time, whereas the weaker rats will have to go outside during the day when the timing is less ideal.

The rat’s diet is quite varied, and this is what adds to the damage. Rats are ironically known for their quite healthy diet of various cereals, grains, nuts, fruits, and even feed on small insects. In urban areas, they will virtually feed on everything they can find.

The risk of having rats in the garden is that they can easily enter the residential properties when winter arrives. Norway rats are quite commonly found in garages and in crawl spaces. This is because the Norway Rat takes advantage of the weak spots found around the building to get inside.

Older residential properties are very susceptible to rat infestations as there are many areas that can be exploited by rats. Most rats that end up in the crawl space located on the basement floor can enter through disused utility pipes that are still connected to the buildings. Other rats will squeeze through foundational gaps that have developed through the years.

To avoid a full-blown rat infestation inside and outside, professional intervention is needed. Pest control technicians are licensed and certified individuals that hold multiple years of experience removing rats with time-tested methods that have been proven a success over and over again.

Our pest control technicians at The Exterminators Inc. have been doing just that for decades declaring residential and commercial properties rat-free. If you want a high-quality rat removal service at an affordable price, call our customer service specialists to receive a free consultation and to book your next appointment!