Where do Rats Hide During the Day

Where do Rats Hide During the Day?

Rats are dirty, destructive pests that will wreak havoc on the interior of your home. At roughly 300g and 20cm in body length, rats are fairly large pests that are difficult to handle. They leave feces everywhere, and they are too big to ignore. If you have spotted some rats on your property, or if you think they may be hiding somewhere, give us a call. We provide safe and effective treatments for rats across the GTA. The sooner you get rid of rats, the better. Call us for rat control in Toronto and beyond.

Rats are burrowing animals that sleep underground. They live in sewer systems, old pipes, and tunnels they dug into the earth, which may span for several meters. Rats infesting the interior of the home usually nest in walls. Instead of digging through the dirt, they dig through the insulation. Rats like to nest near food and water, in kitchens and basements. They build their tunnels so they can reach their food in relative safety. As a nocturnal species, rats are mostly active at night and at dawn or dusk. They come out when the sun sets, then hide in their nests during the day.

How to Get Rid of Rats

Rats living outdoors can be treated with rodenticide. Contact a local pest control company and ask for exterior bait stations. A technician will inspect your property and put boxes of rodenticide in areas of rat activity. These are locked, tamper-proof boxes that are designed to appeal to rats. Rats enter them, feed on the bait, then, after a few ingestions, perish in their nests. Exterior populations can be kept under control with these bait stations. Many companies offer long-term contracts in which they will replenish the stations for you, for months at a time.

If there are rats in your home, you can get rid of them with traps and a one-way door. Snap traps are like regular mouse traps, only much larger and more powerful. Bait some snap traps or electronic traps from the hardware store, then place them against the walls of infested rooms. Check these every day and disinfect the traps before handling them again. As for the one-way door, a technician can find where the rats are coming inside the house, then install a one-way door to it. This will force rats out when they go out to feed at night. Once out, they will eat rodenticide and stop being a problem.

Rats are problematic pests because they are highly destructive. They will put holes in your lawn and ruin the insulation between the walls of your home, dirtying it with feces and causing terrible odours. Rats are also carriers of disease. It’s important that you get rid of them as soon as possible, then keep them out by pest-proofing your home. Contact us and a technician can exclude your home for you. Our pest-proofing services are guaranteed and come with a 2-year warranty. Call us for rat control solutions you can count on.