Weep Vent Mouse Entry Point

Case Study: Mouse Removal and Exclusion in Scarborough

The following case study details a mouse extermination job in Scarborough. Mice that were infesting this single-family home were removed with bait and kept out permanently by sealing off every entry point. If you have been struggling with a mouse problem on your property, give us a call and a technician will solve your problem. We offer safe, affordable, and comprehensive mouse removal services throughout the GTA.


The homeowner in this case gave us a call when they struggled to get rid of the mice on their property. He had seen mice scurry around in his kitchen and found their droppings all over the house. It was February, and all the traps he put out himself were not working. Cases like these are common in the winter. Mice come crawling into houses to escape the cold, then multiply and become a serious problem. A technician quickly came to the scene to investigate.

No matter the situation, our technicians perform detailed inspections. This lets us know what is going on, so we can provide our customers with the best solution. We look for signs of the pests as well as where they may be coming from. This way, we can address the causes of the infestation, preventing any more pests from coming. We can get rid of every entry point to block the pests out.

First, the technician examined the exterior of the home and found several potential entry points. The electrical lines that ran into the house had gaps surrounding them, which could fit mice. Other noticeable entry points included the vents in the walls and the gaps in the garage door. Mice are nimble, tiny little animals that can fit through 6mm gaps. Any space in the wall could let mice into the house.

Garage Door Entry Point
The weatherstripping under the garage door isn’t only to keep the cold out. It’s also important for pest control. Weatherstripping wears down with time and should be replaced to keep mice out.
Weep Vent Mouse Entry Point
Weep vents are important for the maintenance of the home’s exterior walls. However, when they are too wide, they let mice and bugs into the home. These can be sealed with stainless steel covers.

The fix these issues, the technician recommended having the gaps around the cables sealed with caulking, and the vents covered with mesh. Pest-proofing in this way would trap the existing infestation indoors and prevent any more mice from coming in.

Inside, there were mouse droppings in the kitchen and living room. Mice were likely infesting the walls of the kitchen, or somewhere underneath the kitchen cabinets. To get rid of them, the technician recommended having bait stations installed in the house. These consist of little plastic boxes that contain rodenticide. They have small holes in their sides, which let mice in, but the container is locked, so it is safe for household use. After a few weeks, the technician would return and replenish the stations as needed.

The homeowner agreed to go ahead with the treatment and exclusion, so the technician got to work right away. All of our technicians bring the equipment they need with them. We are always ready to pest-proof.

Treatment and Exclusion

The most effective way you can get rid of mice is to use professional-grade bait stations. The baits that professionals use are much safer and more effective than the ones you can buy in stores. Mice are attracted to the rodenticide, then, after a few ingestions, they perish in their nests. The technician placed a few of these stations in the parts of the house that had the most activity.

Following the placement of rodenticides, the technician excluded the home’s exterior. He installed 15 weep vent covers and 2 wall vent covers, then sealed the edges of the utility lines with silicone and mesh. Because he could not fix the garage door himself, the technician recommended having this replaced. Mice frequently get into homes by crawling under the garage door, then sneaking their way indoors.

Wall Vent Covered Exclusion
We cover vents with a galvanized steel mesh that is too thick for rodents to chew their way through. These vents, along with all of our exclusion work, are guaranteed with a warranty of 2 years.
Cable Gap Sealed with Caulking
Cables and utility lines are often surrounded with gaps that can let in mice. These can be sealed very easily with caulking or mesh.

Within a few weeks, the mice were no longer a problem. The mice that were infesting the indoors had likely eaten the bait and perished in their nests. The technician refilled the bait stations to be sure that all the mice were gone and continued to monitor the situation for a few more weeks. Soon, all the mice were gone.


Exclusion is an important part of the extermination process. Without it, you risk inviting new pests into the home. In this case, the infestation was eradicated by trapping the mice indoors, then targeting them with rodenticide. If you have been facing a mouse infestation, give us a call and we will inspect your property. We provide comprehensive solutions to all mouse problems. No matter the severity of the issue, we have got you covered. Call us for mouse control in Scarborough and the GTA.