Invasive Murder hornets what you need to know

Invasive Murder hornets – what you need to know

They are enormous, they are deadly they are capable of destroying an entire beehive in minutes. They can sting you twice and you will die. Their size is unseen and they are harming our ecosystem. These hornets are nothing like what we’ve seen before. They are two inches long, black with yellow and orange bands and they are large enough that you can clearly see their face. They are terrifying and truly dangerous and now they are in the US and Canada.

If you suspect a Japanese or Asian Hornet infestation near or on your property, immediately contact Wasp Removal Toronto as a single Japanese or Asian Hornet sting can be deadly. If you have been stung, seek medical attention right away.

The giant hornets are devastating to the environment and especially to beekeepers. While they may not attack humans as frequently they adore bee colonies and they will swarm a beehive and destroy it moments. They eat the bees, the larva, and even the honey and there seems to be no way to stop them, people are understandably panicked at the situation. 

These hornets are drawn to sweet smells, it is their preference over eating insects when they are not feeding their young. They will often feed them insect heads or grubs. Most of these wasps build large nests in trees and other places and will grow a colony of thousands. Others are loners and will live in old rodent holes in spherical nests made of old paper and leaves. 

If you are seeing these hornets on your property it’s likely because your property smells sweet. Your garbage could just be sitting open outside, you could have a fruit tree surrounded by fallen rotting fruit or maybe you eat outside a lot and frequently spill things. Whatever happens, if you do these things then these hornets will want to live on your property. It is also important to take care of compost, make sure to turn it after adding new waste and make sure to lock your garbage up tightly in a fitted can and store it in your garage to keep it away from the wasps. You should also make sure to pick up any rotting fruit and to harvest the fruit from your trees before they fall. Clean up any messes you make while eating outside, use a hose to get rid of sweet things on the ground, and you should not have to worry too much about these giant hornets showing up on your property. 

If there is a nest on your property it is important to note that these giant hornets have long stingers that can pierce even thick beekeeper suits and they are strong enough to push the mesh up to your face and sting you. They are a huge danger to everyone and we need to be very careful from now on. Call The Exterminators – Pest Control Toronto for professional services.