What is the difference between a hornet and a wasp.

What is the difference between a hornet and a wasp?

The hornet is a hunter, they are aggressive and dangerous. Wasps are also hunters and are also aggressive and dangerous. Their difference is mostly aesthetic but there are some behavioral differences that can be noticed. Both wasps and hornets build nests in the ground and in large numbers, while wasp nests tend to be very oblong hornets nests tend to be rounder and more structured. Hornets also show greater intelligence than wasps, which is amazing because wasps have an ability to recognize and memorize human faces, if a human pisses them off they will remember and even fly past other people to sting the person they hate.

If you suspect a Japanese or Asian Hornet infestation near or on your property, immediately contact Wasp Removal as a single Japanese or Asian Hornet sting can be deadly. If you have been stung, seek medical attention right away.

Hornets don’t seem to care as much about revenge, they are consumed with protecting their nests, if you approach a hornet nest it is very likely you will be stung but a wasp swarm may not attack you if you approach its nest, they are not quite as aggressive as their hornet counterparts. They both reproduce either in a large nest laying eggs in rooms and feeding their larva insect heads or they will dig small holes to find grubs and lay an egg beside it.

What is the difference between a hornet and a wasp


They will also find rodent holes that are no longer in use and build a spherical paper nest inside where they can sleep the night and hibernate in the winter. While these insects can be very dangerous very few of them can kill you with one sting. That is the pleasure of the Japanese giant hornet whose sting can kill a human being or another large animal. A swarm of them can easily kill a bear or a horse. They are truly terrifying insects and now they have arrived on American shores in fruit and vegetable cargo ships. Our ecosystem is not prepared for this intrusion and its expected that these hornets will seriously damage the balance of life in Canada and the US. 

Both of these insects enjoy eating insects but their true love is sweet things. Hornets love honey from beehives and anything you drop on the ground when you eat in your back yard, like ice cream and spilled drinks. So it is very important to take preventative measures when dealing with wasps or hornets. Make sure to seal your garbage up tightly and store it in the garage, if you have a fruit tree make sure to collect any fallen fruit and harvest ripe fruit right away before it falls. You can also clean up any mess left from eating outside. This will help prevent wasps and hornets from coming to your property. Call The Exterminators – Pest Control Mississauga for professional services.