How to eradicate giant hornets nest

How to eradicate giant hornets nest

The new infestation striking the nation, the bug of bugs, the hornet of the age, I present to you the giant Japanese hornet. Brought here on cargo ships carrying fruit and infested with these black-bodied, orange, and yellow striped menaces. They seem to defy nature in their size and their venom is deadly enough that one sting could actually kill you.

If you suspect a Japanese or Asian Hornet infestation near or on your property, immediately contact Wasp Removal Toronto as a single Japanese or Asian Hornet sting can be deadly. If you have been stung, seek medical attention right away.

They are attracted both to insects and to sweet smells like rotting fruit, garbage, and compost. They also enjoy the ice cream your child dropped ten minutes ago. These wasps are aggressive and territorial they will kill anyone that threatens them and they aren’t afraid of large animals and humans because they can kill us in one sting.

Regardless, if you have a nest on your property you will have to take some action. Preventative actions are very helpful before your property gets infested with a nest. You need to make sure to turn your compost heap every time you put new food on it and make sure the compost container is sealed with a lid. You should also make sure to clean up absolutely every time you eat outside, not even a cookie crumb can be left. If you have a fruit tree make sure to clean up any rotting fruit on the ground and pick the ripe fruit before it falls. Store your garbage in a tightly sealed container and store it in the garage, this will prevent hornets from getting into your garbage which for them is the banquet they have been looking for all their lives. If they find food on your property they will likely stay, so if they have and they have infested your property then you need to take serious action. Right away. Get yourself kitted out with a thick and sturdy jump suit, a beekeepers hat and thick leather gloves, use duct tape to seal the seams. Get two cants of hornet freeze or insecticide and then follow the hornets to their nest, at night, when they are sleeping go back to the nest and spray both cans into the entrance. This will kill the hornets and let you remove the nest and destroy it.