How to Get Rid of Fleas in the House

How to Get Rid of Fleas in the House

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Research shows that fleas are among the most annoying insects in Toronto. They are not only embarrassing but also carry disease-causing microorganisms. Once a house has been infested with fleas, it will no longer be the comfortable haven it ought to be. This short article suggests safe ways to manage a flea infestation in the house and some flea control methods. 

From where do fleas come?

Pets are a significant cause of flea infestation in many homes. As such, if fleas are spotted on the sofa or bed, they probably got there from your pets.

Be On the Lookout

If your pets have fleas, a flea comb can be used to scratch the pet’s fur. The scratching should be done fast before the insects can spring loose from the comb. The comb should be quickly dipped into a container of liquid dish soap. If that is done soon enough, all the fleas will be trapped in the teeth of the comb and die.

Do-It-Yourself Solutions Do Not Work

Combing out fleas from the furniture, clothes, and pets is a temporary measure. The best action is to eradicate insects present on pets and those that hop around the house and compound. Several over-the-counter solutions in Toronto can arrest the situation. However, these can only keep fleas away for at most three weeks because most pesticides contain lower levels of concentration of active ingredients compared to professional solutions.

Call an Expert

DIY solutions cannot completely eradicate fleas because they neutralize the adult but do not affect the egg or larvae. Licensed exterminators are trained professionals who know about fleas and their life cycle. A reputable exterminator is aware of areas where the pests might hide or breed. Their expertise is essential in ensuring that fleas do not return after treatment. The expert will inspect your home and advise about your flea menace. The Exterminators offer flea treatment that guarantees total eradication and prevention of fleas. Call us at 647-496-2211. Feel free to check out pest control products at our online store.

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Joe The Exterminator

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