The Exterminators Inc., offers individual pest control and wildlife services are all committed to safeguarding your privacy. The following Privacy Policy aims at describing how your personal data is processed and used. The Exterminators Inc. is dedicated to ensuring that all of our activities are in line with the practices mentioned in this Privacy Policy. 

What Information is used and collected from its website visitors 

There are various types of information that are automatically connected and not linked to any personal identifier whatsoever.  The following information that is collected automatically is as follows: •Your IP address •The website that you may have used by clicking a link to refer to our websites. •The name of the internet browser and version. •The operating system. This can be mobile or desktop.  •Search words that you may have used to find information about our products and services, and information on our blogs. 
  • Information that you provide will be processed and used if you make any use of our products and services. 
The information mentioned above is a standard practice used by any online service. We may use the data to analyze our websites to ensure that we offer the best service possible. The data may also be used to analyze our website traffic to better understand our visitors and to optimize our websites. Our goal is to grow our business like any other business, and the non-identifiable information collected makes it impossible to link or trace to a single individual. 

What are cookies and how does The Exterminators Inc. utilize them?

Cookies are small bits of data that are used to optimize your experience. It is used in all websites aiming to personalize your experience. These small bites of data are not linked to any individual. Cookies may make your experience more seamless by remembering your settings on any given website. You have the option to change your preference by going to the settings of your browser. If you do not wish to store cookies, it may decrease the experience of your visit as cookies remember website settings from previous visitations.

How do we protect your personal information? 

The Exterminators Inc. uses standard precautions to keep the information provided and/or collected safeguarded. We employ and integrate technical measures according to industry standards to keep your personal information safe from unauthorized access, misuse, and/or any attempt to modify personal data. All of the employees who are authorized and are tasked with data processing have access to personal information and respect confidentiality. We treat your personal data that you have provided us with the utmost care and responsibility. 

What other additional information do we at The Exterminators Inc. gather or request?

During any phone call requesting our services, we may store personal information essential for any pest control case or wildlife case. This information is important to make sure that we make a detailed case to inform our technicians that will be assisting our prospective clients. Basic information such as first name, last name, address, and phone number are all taken during a call by our employees to identify our clients. We will clearly state this. We do not sell or rent our clienteles emails for any type of compensation under any circumstance. If you are a member of our e-mail list, you will receive announcements, offers, information, and updates about our products and services at any given moment. If you do not wish to receive these types of e-mails. You can always unsubscribe from our e-mails or modify preferences as you wish.