How To Catch A Mouse – Is it Really Only One?

A mouse might look cute and fuzzy on TV, but in reality, it signifies the destruction of property and stress to Toronto homeowners. The worst part is that mice can defecate and urinate all over your place and transmit different diseases. They’re also intelligent, resourceful, and can sometimes be difficult to eliminate without the help of a professional.

Most Toronto residents don’t realize they have an infestation until things get out of control. The most obvious signs of a mouse infestation in Toronto homes are mouse droppings. Some residents might also find chewed up food on the floor leftover after the mice have feasted. You may sometimes hear scratching in the walls, basement or attic when the house is dark and quiet. These signs mean that you have a potential mouse infestation problem and you need to call your local mice control company.

Is it Only One?

Mice live in groups so if you notice one; you probably have more mice living in your home or outhouses such as a garage or shed. They live in small areas and will only travel about 25 feet from their dwelling to a food source. If you notice different droppings wide apart—say 20 to 40 feet—then you probably have more than one family living.

Nevertheless, there are instances when a lone mouse can gain access to your home. Because they can squeeze through the tiniest gaps, you could find yourself being terrorized by a single mouse.

In Toronto, mice, and other pests can become a problem to homeowners if left unchecked. The most effective method of permanently getting rid of these pests is by hiring a Toronto based exterminator. However, some people think about using fumigation to reduce mouse presence in the house. But does fumigation kill mice? We don’t know since there are not any legal fumigation solutions for mice available on the market.

An experienced and professional service provider will check your property thoroughly to determine if you are dealing with a single rodent or a group. No matter how bad your infestation, help from the skilled professional pest control company will keep your home pest-free.

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