How To Keep Rats Out Of The House

Have you been trying to get rid of rats for more than a week or two? If you have failed to keep them out yourself, then it is high time to call in a professional rat control Toronto and have a professional exterminator deal with the problem. Just imagine those small rodents sleeping in your walls and even damaging your property. Since rats are night animals, they come out during night time running all over your counters, food bins, and shelves, rummaging about in your kitchen. You may not even have peace during the night anymore they even can build their nests in your garden and one of the most common indications of a rat infestation is rat holes in garden.

Rat Removal Home Remedies

You may be concerned about using commercial traps and poisons to exterminate rats in Canada and rightly so. Rat poison and/or traps around young children and pets are a recipe for disaster. Remember that there are also strict laws governing the kinds of traps and active ingredients you can use to exterminate rats inside your home. You may wish to try a few tips to deal with a rat infestation.

Home Remedies for Rat Removal

Ammonia: mix 2 cups of regular ammonia, a quarter glass of water and 2 spoons of detergent in a bowl. Place the bowl(s) where you suspect there is regular rat activity. Rats reportedly avoid ammonia.

Pepper: first identify holes where the rats may be gaining entry into your home and sprinkle a generous amount of crushed pepper around the area. It is believed that the pepper makes it difficult for the rats to breathe thus keeping them away from their favorite entry points.

Peppermint Oil: again, identify areas of rat activity and place cotton balls dipped in peppermint oil. The theory is that rats cannot stand the pungent peppermint odor and will avoid these areas at all cost.

Moth Balls: place a generous number of mothballs in the attic or other area where you suspect rats are nesting. Keep the mothballs away from humans because inhaling these regularly is harmful to humans. Rats are supposedly repelled by mothballs.

Why You Should Hire a Professional Pest Control Company

Unfortunately, these home remedies are considered old wives’ tales around professional rat extermination circles. The claims that these methods work have simply not been substantiated.

A professional pest control company in Canada is the best option you have to get rid of your rat problem permanently. Successful exclusion is a multi-step process and only a trained professional can guarantee results.

First, it is necessary to inspect the entire house and find every single entry point and seal it permanently. Rats can squeeze through 5/8 inch gaps so it is unlikely that anyone other than a trained professional can successfully rat-proof a home.

Next, the professional identifies the type of rat living in your home and draws from his training and experience to find the best, most effective and humane extermination method.

Finally, the expert will thoroughly clean and sanitize the entire house to ensure that it is safe to live in. Rat droppings and urine are fertile ground for diseases and infections long after the rat themselves have been exterminated. The expert also helps to repair any damage caused by the rodents and offers advice on how to avoid another infestation in future.

Do you want to tackle such problem efficiently? If you notice that rats may have infested your home, you should consider hiring a reputable licensed mouse exterminator. The good exterminator will solve the problem as quickly as possible and then teach you how to manage or prevent it in the future.

When Should You Hire An Exterminator?

Sometimes homeowners think that having one or two rats in their basement or premises is nothing to worry about but, rats are known to carry, diseases, parasites, viruses, and bacteria.

You should not share your home with rats. It’s prudent to act immediately and call in the licensed exterminator when you suspect that you have a rat infestation. Why? You don’t want to give room for more rats in your home since a female rat can give birth of up to ten litters of five to six rats in a year.

What Professional Rats Exterminators Do Exactly?

Licensed exterminators will get rid of rats that invaded your property in fast and efficient manner. How do they do this? Professional rat exterminators will use poison or traps to kill rats that are living in your house.

Exterminators have the necessary skills to end rats’ infestation in any building. First, they will inspect your home and identify areas or paths where rats are most active and lay the poison or traps.

In some instances, the original plan may fail, but the exterminator will come up with new techniques until they succeed in getting rid and keeping rats out of your home. Therefore, you will rest assured that they will bring to the end the severe rat infestation in your home.

The professional rat control technician will also go an extra mile to advise you on how to prevent rodent infestation in the future. They will do anything to ensure your home is free from rats. All you need to do is to hire The Exterminators: 647-496-2211. If you consider trying DIY methods we offer several products like rat traps at our online pest control store.


Article Updated (December 27, 2017)