What Do Cockroaches Look Like – German, American, Oriental

What Do Cockroaches Look Like – German, American, Oriental

Cockroaches are considered as the most loathed pests by many homeowners. There are over 3,500 species of cockroaches found worldwide. But how cockroaches look like? Are all cockroaches the same? Cockroaches in Ontario are a very common problem. While some species quite share the same characteristics, there are other characteristics that differentiate roaches from one another.

Cockroach identification might be difficult for many homeowners if you don’t have detailed knowledge about cockroaches. There are three types of cockroaches that could possibly have infested your home. Read along to find out more on these types of cockroaches. However, we recommend calling a pest control company immediately you see cockroaches in your house to perform cockroach control services.

What Do Cockroaches Look Like?

While there are many types of cockroaches commonly identified by pest control specialists, the three most common species in Ontario are the German, American and Oriental cockroaches.

German Cockroaches

This type of cockroaches are smaller than the American counterparts; this makes it quite easy when identifying these cockroaches. Adult cockroaches are about one-half to the five-eighths inch long. German cockroaches are light brown or a tan in color. Even though they have wings, they do not fly. They also have dark, parallel lines that run from behind their heads all the way to their wings.

German cockroaches are normally found in surroundings that are both humid and also equally warm. You will find them in kitchens, near sinks, dishwashers, bathrooms and even stoves.

They will eat anything, but they have some favorites. Grease, meat, and starchy foods. German cockroaches hide in areas that other bigger roaches cannot fit due to their size. This makes it harder for DIYers to exterminate them and that’s why you need experts when it comes to these type of cockroaches.

American Cockroaches

Ignore the name; the American cockroach can be located anywhere around the world. This cockroach is usually 1.5 inches long. It is dark brown or reddish-brown in color. They have wings the length of their bodies; however, the male roaches’ wings are a bit longer than the female ones.

American cockroaches are common in warm, dark areas like basements. They are also found on floor drains, bathtubs, and sewers. Like other species, this cockroach eats almost everything.

Oriental Cockroaches

Oriental cockroaches are sometimes known as black beetles or water bugs. They are about 1.25 inches long. Mature cockroaches are so dark they appear almost black. Males have short wings while females have vestigial wings. Neither male nor female cockroaches are capable of flying.

Oriental roaches love cool, damp places and will prefer the dark. They are commonly found in garages, basements, drains, and woodpiles. Oriental cockroaches are very fast compared to other cockroaches, and since they can’t climb smooth upright surfaces, they hide inside tubs or sinks.

With all the types of cockroaches out there, sighting one might as well mean that much more are hiding from where that came from. Cockroach identification is vital in the extermination of these annoying pests, and it is always advised to contact pest exterminators to deal with the infestation since they can check and identify the origin of the infestation to help you get a proper cockroach control solution. Just call us at 647-496-2211 if you need help.