carpenter ants nest

Finding a Carpenter Ant Nest – Carpenter Ant Signs

Carpenter Ants are among the most destructive types of pests that can infest your home.    Unlike termites they do not eat wood per se, but dig into it to build their nests.  As most of our houses are built with wood, this can create serious issues for homeowners if Carpenter Ants begin building a colony in your home.  As such it is vital to remain aware of any and all warning signs that may indicate an insurgence of these insects into your property, and protect yourselves accordingly. Call The Exterminators for effective ant extermination. Call: 647-496-2211

When is Carpenter Ant Season

Carpenter ant season typically begins in the early spring, with ants becoming more active as weather improves. this can have consequences on your property.  Although they do not eat wood, they are attracted to moist or rotten wooden areas and will build their nests in those areas.  Although this enhances decay which has ecological advantages, it is not ideal for homeowners.  If you are noticing carpenter ants entering your home around this time of year, it means that the insects are foraging for food to bring back to their nearby colony.  Also be wary of any winged ants in your home, as that is clear indicator of a colony having reached maturity that is now looking to expand.  Be aware of any dying trees or decaying wood on or nearby your property, as that is likely the location of the neighboring nest.  Remove or replace any problem timber to limit the spread of the insects.

Seeing Ants Year Round

Unfortunately however Carpenter Ants are not limited to springtime activity.  Although not as lively off season, they can weather colder months by creating colonies indoors.  Due to the residual heat inside homes, these insects can build a nest inside your home to survive.  If you notice an accumulation of wood chips or sawdust or you are seeing carpenter ants inside your home in the fall or winter, there is a very strong likelihood that there is a settlement of carpenter ants inside your home causing unknown levels damage.

How to Get Rid of Carpenter Ants

Regardless of the time of year it is important to barricade your home from any potential infestations.  Any proper carpenter ant extermination will include an interior baseboard spray to limit the spread of the insects, the application of interior bait and an exterior perimeter spray to protect the home.  Another method to further limit the incursion of the ants is the purchase of exterior ant bait stations as well.  As ant bait on the exterior needs to be sheltered from the elements to ensure its effectiveness, these stations ensure that the bait can be protected while giving the ants access to it so it can be brought back to the colony for consumption.  Regardless of the time of year, make sure that you are vigilant for signs of carpenter ant activity and be proactive in seeking professional help if you feel your property may be at risk, it just might be time to hire a professional for a carpenter ant extermination.