Can Carpenter Ants destroys wooden furniture?

How Wet and Warm Weather Creates Perfect Conditions for Carpenter Ants

The rainy season is here and with it brings ideal conditions for carpenter ants. The wetness brings with it damp wood and damp wood is a carpenter ants best friend. Even an already existing carpenter ant colony on your property could take the opportunity to infest your home now that it’s drenched in water. Carpenter ants tunnel through wood, and no they don’t eat it. They prefer wood that is wet and rotting but they can tunnel through dry wood as well. It is best to contact ant exterminator Toronto to declare your home pest-free as soon as possible!

They are constantly looking for a consistent source of food and water which is often where you should start when trying to get rid of them. Sealing leaks in drains, pipes and faucets and storing food in hard plastic sealable containers is a great start but you also want to do a full sweep of the house to get rid of food particles because they can live off crumbs alone. 

The carpenter ant infestation in your home will reach its peak when you start seeing ants with wings. This is a signal that the colony in your house has matured and is breeding. This is bad because every female that gets to lay her eggs will soon be another colony of ants in your house. 

If you have this situation in your home you can try getting rid of them with bait but low-grade grocery store bait is not highly effective. And spraying ants you see with insecticide won’t help because for everyone you see there are a thousand in the walls. It is much better to call a professional extermination company like the exterminators inc to resolve your ant problem. 

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