rats in attic

Rats in Attic – What to Do

Rats in the attic in Toronto aren’t just chewing on your electrical wires (which are a fire hazard), destroying your wood columns and keeping you up at night with their incessant scratching and scampering. People might be wondering. How do these rodents get in the house?  These rodents carry many diseases some of which are potentially fatal. Common diseases spread by rats include Leptospirosis, Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS), Swine Dysentery and Toxoplasmosis among others. Call a rat exterminator immediately if you noticed a rat in your home.

It is also important to realize that there is no such thing as a ‘small’ rat problem. You may have spotted one or two rodents but that is not to say the numbers won’t increase in a short time. A female rat can reproduce up to five times in a year in the right conditions. A single litter can contain anywhere from 7-14 kittens. You need to address the infestation as soon as you suspect that you have a rat problem especially if you are hearing noises in walls. It could mean that rats built nets inside your walls and you need to understand how to get rid of rats in the wall cavity.

Hire Professional Pest Control Company

There are all kinds of myths about how to get rid of rats in the attic including installing strobe lights, ultrasonic sound emitters, ammonia, and mothballs. None of these methods work.

Using traps and poison is a little more effective but still almost impossible to remove all the rats by yourself. Using poison and traps in a household with pets and children is ill advised. You also need to identify the areas of highest rat activity to properly set your traps. Using the right bait for the species of rat may also be a challenge.

Keep in mind that there are strict laws about poisoning and trapping wildlife in Toronto. It is best to hire an expert to do the extermination.

First, the exterminator will perform a thorough inspection of the home to identify all possible entry points and seal them accordingly. A rat can squeeze through a hole the size of a ballpoint so only a trained rat exterminator’s keen eye can help with this procedure.

The professional then identifies the species of rat you have and the scale of the infestation before coming up with the best removal option. It is up to the professional to track the progress as removal can take up to a few days depending on the size of the invasion.

Finally, the exterminator will help with cleanup. Rat urine and droppings are fertile ground for bacteria and viruses including airborne diseases so it best to avoid contact with rat debris if at all possible. The pest control company may assist to repair any damage the rats might have caused and help you institute measures to ensure that your house is permanently rat-free going forward. Contact the Exterminators, we also offer a complete range of rat control products. For more information call: 647-496-2211.