Where Do Rats Burrow And How Do They Get In The House

Best Way To Get Rid Of Rats In Basement

Rats are very adept at finding ways into your home that you didn’t even know were there. They are able to find a way in through almost any entryway including the sewer.  They can hold their breath for three minutes and swim very fast and can tread water for three days. They are dangerous to the point of total destruction and not even the United Nations is safe from their destruction. The rats you know are not the rats you would expect. Rats are not native to North America. They are from Europe where they travelled with humans on ships and arrived all around the world. There are two kinds of rats in North America that are not native to this continent. Ship rats or roof rats are climbing rats. They cannot swim and cannot tread water. They tend to inhabit attics and high-up areas as they fear large sources of water. The other type of rat is a Norway rat and these are the rats most people suffer from. They are much larger and focus on the ground, or below it. They most often access homes through openings like plumbing vents that had to be added post-construction and foundation gaps. They can chew concrete but they are more likely to find a sensitive area and work at it till it opens. Once they are inside the danger to you and your home is doubled. A dead rat in the walls will smell for years and make a terrible stain you can not paint over. Rats will defaecate and urinate causing serious health problems for the people in the house. Food stores will be destroyed and the danger of rats chewing wires behind walls gets much greater. They can start a fire or even cut off your phone line.

Best Way To Get Rid Of Rats In Basement
This is an open and easily accessible wall vent that can allow rats into your home

While rats were once treated by local city governments the financial crash of 2008 caused that to stop. There was not enough money to continue treating rats on public properties which have allowed them to run rampant in public and residential places. If you have never had rats then you should consider yourself very lucky.

If you have rats then you will need to act fast. If they are in your home you should not seal openings until you can get them out. Treating rats on the exterior which is where they live is difficult and complicated and requires commercial-grade poison that needs a license to use. If you do not have a license then the smartest thing to do is to call a professional. Do not let rats ruin your day. Call now for a free estimate.