Can You Get Rid of Cockroaches Without an Exterminator

Can You Get Rid of Cockroaches Without an Exterminator?

It depends completely on the circumstances unique to the situation, the severity, and the species. In everyday circumstances when people spot a cockroach out in the open, the first action that people take against the cockroach is usually squatting it or by spraying them. While it may seem like an effective solution to get rid of roaches, it is not a permanent one. For most people a cockroach out of sight is out of mind and think you can get rid of roaches by spraying pesticide or squatting them.

If you spot live cockroaches, you might have a cockroach infestation on hand. You need to hire professional cockroach control technicians from The Exterminators Inc.

The cockroaches that are actually out in the open are actually a very tiny spec compared to the entire population. The cockroach outside of the nest can be more considered as the very tip of the iceberg. Hidden away, is a far more gruesome situation with thousands of cockroaches creeping and crawling around. Most cockroaches prefer warmth and shelter and are therefore most likely to be found in the kitchen. This is because the kitchen has what they want in one single place: Grease and moisture.

Cockroaches found in the home
Cockroaches can even work their way up to the bathroom in severe infestations.

Cockroaches flock to the kitchen and especially to the skink area because that is where the dishes are. They are also present in large numbers inside the dishwasher. They can slip through the gaps and feast on leftovers on unwashed dishes at night. For moisture and water, they will usually go underneath the sick. Leaking drainpipes are a great incentive for cockroaches to stay since it is a very reliable source of water.

Unfortunately, cockroaches are not easily to get rid of without professional intervention. Cockroaches are hardy insects that move for no one. They are incredibly resilient and are known to survive in extreme circumstances. To give you an example. Cockroaches can live without an oxygen supply for 30 minutes!

Over-the-counter products like sprays and traps barely put a dent in the number of cockroaches present in the entire colony, and this is largely due to their incredible reproductive rate. They can give birth to as much as 20-30 cockroaches that are contained in one ootheca (cockroach egg) This number can increase depending on the species of cockroach.

Professional formulations are required to put an end to the entire cockroach population including unhatched eggs. Professional technicians are licensed and certified individuals who have multiple years of experience under their belt. Instead of taking care of cockroaches on-sight, they carefully apply potent formulations that have a trickle-down effect on the entire cockroach population.

The seasoned professionals at The Exterminators Inc. have been in the industry for more than a decade and have resolved countless cockroach infestations over the years in Toronto and beyond. Call our customer service specialists for a free consultation and to book your next appointment!