Are Earwigs Poisonous

Are Earwigs Poisonous?

Earwigs are not poisonous, nor do they get into people’s ears. The pincers that earwigs have on their abdomens make them look intimidating, but these are harmless bugs. Earwigs keep to themselves and may only pinch the skin when they are handled closely and feel threatened. If there is an alarming amount of earwig activity on your property and you want them gone, call The Exterminators. We offer safe and reliable earwig control in the Greater Toronto Area.

Earwigs sometimes use their forceps to catch prey. As omnivores, they feed on aphids, mites, lichens, pollens, and decaying plant matter. Earwigs in Ontario are beneficial to the ecosystem because of they clean up the environment, feeding on decomposing plants and dead insects. Earwigs usually emerge in June and can be found in cool, wet, areas like flower gardens, wooden fences, and compost bins. Infestations indoors are uncommon, but they can happen when earwigs are brought into the home by accident. Earwigs may also crawl inside when the weather is too hot and dry or when the seasons change.

You can keep earwigs under control by applying pesticides or setting homemade traps. Liquid sprays, available in hardware stores, can eliminate earwigs on contact and continue to work for weeks after they have been applied. Boric acid powders and diatomaceous earth can also be spread in areas of earwig activity. Alternatively, you can make you own mixture of equal parts water and rubbing alcohol and spray this instead. An effective homemade trap consists of equal parts soy sauce and olive oil within a container or bowl. Placing this in the infested area will draw earwigs into the trap, where they will drown.

If you want to keep earwigs out of the home, ensure that the humidity indoors is at a reasonable level. If not, set up a dehumidifier. Fix all leaky faucets and check if your bathroom fans need repairs. Remember that earwigs cannot survive in dry environments. In that same vein, move all vegetation and firewood away from the outer walls of the home. Dispose of leaf piles and grass cuttings. Then, seal all potential entry points by repairing your window screens and filling in the cracks in your walls with a silicone caulking. Inspect your window frames, foundation, and siding carefully.

Earwigs may look frightening, but they are harmless creatures. The worst they can do is damage your plants and scare your houseguests. If an earwig has pinched you and managed to break the skin, simply wash the wound in soap and water. For earwig control, call The Exterminators. We provide comprehensive pest control solutions to all household pests, both indoors and outdoors. Our technicians are thoroughly trained and experienced for your safety and peace of mind. Reach out to The Exterminators for effective and affordable earwig control in Toronto: 647-496-2211.