Why do you get silverfish in your home

Why Do You Get Silverfish in Your Home?

Silverfish are creepy little insects that are commonly found in basements and bathrooms. They don’t bite or sting, but they may cause allergic reactions. They’re also quite unsettling! As starch-consuming insects, silverfish may cause damage to clothing, paper, and upholstery. What’s worse is that having silverfish in the house risks attracting other insects like spiders and centipedes, so it is best that you get rid of them right away. One pest often leads to another. If there are silverfish in your home, reach out to The Exterminators for silverfish control in the GTA.

Silverfish are flat, teardrop-shaped insects that measure between 12-19mm in length. They are silver in colour and have long antennae that stick out the fronts of their heads. Also known as carpet sharks or fish moths, these insects feed on carbohydrates. They eat the sweet and starchy components of household objects like carpet fibers, glue, paint, and furniture. As such, silverfish are drawn to the humid and quiet areas of the home where they can find these things. Silverfish often get into the house through the windows and drains of homes surrounded by moist leaves, firewood, and organic materials.

How to Get Rid of Silverfish

You can get rid of silverfish by using traps and removing the causes of the infestation. Store-bought traps, such as sticky traps, can be purchased in most hardware stores. Place a few of these in the darkest corners of infested rooms. You can also make your own trap by wrapping a jar in masking tape, then putting a piece of bread inside. The silverfish will climb the textured walls of the jar and get stuck inside. Another homemade trap consists of a wet, rolled-up piece of newspaper. Wait a few days for silverfish to crawl inside it, then throw it away in the garbage of burn it.

To ensure that the pests don’t come back, reduce clutter and clean up the infested area. This will remove hiding spots. Fix or replace any broken bug screens you may have, then seal any cracks you find in the window frames with silicone caulking. Set up a dehumidifier to reduce moisture. Then, get in the habit of dusting and vacuuming on a regular basis. Store pantry goods in sealed containers. Doing so will reduce the amount of food that the silverfish will have to eat. The cleaner and drier the area, the less likely you are to get silverfish and other bugs.

Hire a Pest Remover

The most reliable way you can get rid of silverfish is to hire a pest remover. Professionals use powerful insecticides that work better than anything available in stores. Their products are also incredibly safe. Pest removers are trained and experienced in silverfish removal – they know where the pests are hiding and how they can get rid of them quickly. Our team of pest control technicians can not only get rid of the silverfish on your property but help keep them out for good. We provide long-term solutions to all pest problems. Call The Exterminators today.