Mouse Treatment And Rodent Exclusion In Toronto

The initial call to the property was for an ongoing mouse issue in the customer’s home. So consistent that the customer researched how to stop it permanently and expressly requested rodent exclusion to end the infestation permanently.   When you live near any sort of park or ravine it is common for mice or rats to venture onto your property. They may not stay if they do not find what they want. What they want is food and in the case of rats, water as well. European house mice have been with humanity for thousands of years and know how to enter our homes easily and access our kitchens with guile. Getting rid of them is more than treating the infestation it is preventing it.

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Exterior Inspection 

The initial inspection of the home revealed a number of foundation gaps that had been sealed off by the customer. This sort of proactive activity is both helpful and dangerous. Sealing off entryways when you don’t really know if it is an entry or an exit can actually trap rodents in the house. Leaving the work to the professionals will ensure you have the right opening sealed at the right time.

mice entry way

mice entry under deck

mouse entry through wall vent

exterior inspection


Interior Inspection

The initial inspection of the inside of the home revealed extensive activity in the basement and the kitchen. This is common as house mice know where to hide to prevent their discovery by humans. Seeing a single mouse is an opportunity. They work so hard to be invisible when you finally see one you will know the infestation is serious.

Initial Measures

The initial measures are taken by the technician treatment of the interior house mice via tamper-proof bait stations containing commercial-grade rodenticide. This is an anti-coagulant poison that causes the mice to taste it, feel no sickness and then repeatably consume it until they desiccate entirely. This makes it safe for them to die in walls and makes the treatment much less gruesome.

Proposed exclusion

The proposed exclusion by the technician was extensive. The porch needed to be trenched and excluded as part of the process to rid the customer of their long-term mouse issue.  Trenching is a process where a one-foot by a six-inch trench is dug around the accessible perimeter of the deck, porch or shed. The deck is then sealed off using various gauges of galvanized waterproof steel mesh or in this case with flashing. The flashing is attached to the top of the edge of the deck or porch and to the bottom of the shed and then is buried one foot down into the ground and six inches out. This process protects decks, sheds and porches from animal and rodent invasion. The technician also sealed off thirteen feet of an area of the roof called the drip edge. This area is where your shingles meet the edge of the roof and are very open access points for both skilled rodents and squirrels. Wild animals can enter through this opening and get into the attic. This area was also sealed off with thirteen feet of waterproof galvanized steel mesh.

sealed under deck entry point near stairs sealed sealed vent sealed stairs steel sheet installed



In conclusion, The customer’s mouse issue was resolved and will no longer plague him now that the areas they can access are sealed off and obstructed. The customer was pleased with the result and has not had an infestation since.