Will leaving a light on prevent cockroaches?

Will leaving a light on prevent cockroaches?

Cockroaches are notoriously difficult to get rid of. For millions of years, cockroaches have been a disgusting, bothersome pest with no intention of stopping. Cockroaches are scavenging insects that invade people’s homes for their warmth and their sources of food. Ranging between half an inch to two inches in length, cockroaches are omnivores that like to hide in the darkest corners of people’s kitchens and other moist environments, feasting on leftovers, food stores, grease, garbage, and feces. So how can you prevent this from happening? Because cockroaches prefer the dark, you may be wondering if leaving the lights on will help scare them away. Unfortunately, it takes more than light to deter them. If you have any questions about cockroach treatment and how to prevent them, feel free to give Cockroach Control Toronto  a call. 

First, it’s a good idea to keep your home clean. Wash your dishes every day, and don’t leave any food out for any long periods of time. Clean the kitchen sink, counters, and other surfaces, then dry them to make sure there isn’t any grease or standing water left to attract the cockroaches. Store pantry goods in sealable containers, and make sure you take out the trash every night. Vacuum your home regularly to reduce the number of crumbs there are on the ground and restrict mealtime to one area of the home. You should also check the pipes for any leakages – cockroaches love humidity. Finally, it is recommended that you seal any cracks and crevices in your kitchen and bathroom to get rid of entry points. 

If you already have cockroaches, simply leaving the lights on will not scare them away. It takes a professional, comprehensive approach to get rid of them. Because cockroaches will eat virtually anything in your house, they can continue to eat whatever they find in the nooks and crannies of your kitchen cabinets, the appliances, or the upholstery of your furniture. They will even eat each other! Cockroaches can survive for months without food and go weeks without water. Taking preventative steps when there are already cockroaches present will not do the trick. 

A qualified technician will know where to look for the bugs, then use a variety of insecticides to flush them out, eliminate them, and prevent their resurgence. At Toronto pest control our experienced crew members use an ultra light volume mist to flush out the insects and deliver insecticide in those hard to reach places. Insecticidal dusts, baits, and gels are also applied so the cockroaches poison themselves and infect their colonies.  Technicians are certified and experienced professionals. We use the safest methods possible to solve any cockroach problem without having to evict you or your family from your home. If you’re worried about getting cockroaches, give us a call and ask us about our cleaning and disinfecting services.