When You Need to Call Ant Control Services

When You Need to Call Ant Control Services

DIY extermination may seem cheaper or even easier but can quickly lead to frustration and throw money down the drain. The biggest risk with DIY ant removal is making the problem worse than it already is. Some species of ants such as Fire ants, Crazy ants, Pharaoh ants, Argentine ants and Ghost ants are notorious for their ‘Budding’ behaviour. Pharaoh ants are tiny ants but are a great nuisance. Getting rid of them is therefore important like carpenter ants they can invade your attic. Carpenter ants in attic can be a huge problem for any homeowner.

Budding is when a queen and a few workers leave a colony and form a separate nest within the same premises. Budding may happen for a number of reasons including overcrowding but unsuccessful extermination will definitely cause a colony to split, making the ant problem even worse than before since you are now dealing with multiple nests.

Most over-the-counter insecticides and bait aren’t as effective as the manufacturers of these products would have you believe. Additionally, these products do not contain the same potent active ingredients you would expect to find with professional treatments. Keep in mind that there are strict pesticide control regulations in Toronto limiting what you can do and use for a successful extermination. Calling a Toronto ant control service as soon as you spot ants in or around your home is always a good idea.

Professional Ant Removal

The first crucial step that a professional exterminator takes is to identify the specific species of ant. Some species look very similar and are easily confused by the untrained eye. As previously alluded to, using the wrong extermination method or product can make the problem even worse than it was, to begin with.

Lastly, the actual extermination is only one part of permanent removal. It is still necessary to identify what attracted the ants in the first place and how to avoid a future infestation. An ant exterminator in Toronto can draw from his knowledge and years of experience to come up with foolproof prevention measures to avoid an ant problem in future.

Be sure to hire a properly licensed pest control service for the best result. It is also worth looking into an exterminator who offers a warranty for his work to guarantee you are taken care of in case of any issues that may arise after the job.