Norway Rats Can Transmit Influenza

Norway Rats Can Transmit Influenza

Influenza, or the flu for short, is perhaps the most common virus in the world. And while humans have been getting it for hundreds of years, where it comes from is still a question. That question may have been solved.

The flu has been tracked in many, many different species of wildlife but base on research conducted by Boston University School of Public Health one that seems to be circulating the flu among humans is the Norway rat. This gray fluffy rat is quite fat, but it seems to be spreading the flu to humans through proximity. But can rats carry fleas that can transmit flu as well? The answer is unknown.

So if you have Norway rats in your house, that could explain why you have the flu.

Now you can get rid of them yourself if you want, but you need to know how to get rid of rats. First, you have to find where the rats have nested inside of your home or restaurant. which happens more often than you would like to think. You can follow droppings or look for gnawing marks on holes or furniture, burrows in your yard are also an issue even though they are outside.

Urine stains and smells and rat poop are also very good signs. So are the sounds of their scurrying and gnawing.

So get all your food off the ground and into the fridge or tightly sealed bags, strong bags, not garbage bags, rats will chew right through that. Remove as much clutter as you can from your house, the less clutter the harder it is for rats to hide. And don’t feed your pets outside! That is a huge draw for rats.

Now you need to know to seal and recognize any rat entry-point larger than a quarter of an inch. That’s because rats can squeeze through holes even that small. Cover floor drains and sewer pipes and seal off broken vents and holes in the roof and siding.

Now you don’t want to kill rats in your house, that will result in toxic and stinking corpses appearing in impossible to reach areas. Instead, its recommend to call professional rat exterminator Toronto services for fast and reliable solutions.

Once they are all gone, make sure to sterilize your house or restaurant!