How To Disinfect Every Surface in Your Bathroom

How To Disinfect Every Surface in Your Bathroom

As we all are facing uncertain times, especially when the number of corona cases seems to grow every day, we must ensure that we as part of the public must do our part in halting the spears of the coronavirus in every way we possibly can. This is without saying that we must comply with every government-issued mandate as we all work through these tough times together as a nation and province.

As we slowly, but surely have to adapt to our new way of life with regards to keeping our hygiene to the highest standards as never needed before, we must do whatever it is to slow down the propagation of the virus in our own homes. As nurses, doctors, and other relevant health officials work around the clock to ensure that our health and safety are ensured during these unprecedented times we must tackle the germs at places where they are known to be most active and thriving.

Namely, the bathroom is a place of our house we often use the most with regards to personal hygiene. The toilet area seems to be one of the most active if we talk about bacterial presence overall. It is often advised to clean and to scrub down on your bathroom and toilets as often as possible as these are breeding grounds for all types of bacterial participants.

As little is known as to how long coronavirus can stay active or survive on certain surface areas it is worth noting that we cannot sit idly in our homes as we globally practice social-distancing. In these times we must stay pro-active in doing our part as the slowdown of the propagation of the coronavirus (COVID-19) is mostly dependent on the public. To give your bathroom a proper cleaning these are the materials needed to do the job most effectively: bathroom cleaner, bleach, white vinegar, plastic bags, soft cloths or paper towel, toilet bowl cleaner, toilet bowl brush, baking soda, rubber bands, and an old toothbrush.

Now that you have the tools at your disposal or at least know which one you should use here are the details on how to attack each part of your bathroom:

Sink (at least once a week)

it is known as one of the surfaces to hold the largest bacterial count in your bathroom. Use a bathroom disinfectant to scrub down on the bathroom sink.

Toilet bowl (at least once a week)

To disinfect, use your toilet bowl using your toilet bowl scrubber in combination with a toilet bowl cleaner to scrub down your bowl. Always flush with the toilet seat down when flushing to prevent the spread of bacteria.

Grout ( at least once a month)

To disinfect use a chlorine-based bathroom cleaner. Ventilate always when you are handling chlorine.

Showerhead (at least once a month)

A pulmonary disease called Mycobacterium avium is linked with showerheads. To disinfect wrap a plastic bag around the showerhead and fill the bag with carbonic acid. To do so mix 1/3 cup of baking powder with one cup vinegar. attach it using a rubber band and remove the next day.

Bathtub ( at least once or twice a month)

When you take a bath or shower, you are essentially filling the tub with your own bacteria. About 200,000 bacteria can be present per square feet.

Doorknobs ( at least once a week)

Door knobs can harbour a lot of bacteria regardless of the bathroom routine. Cleaning the doorknob can have good consequences for your health.

Towel ( at least once a week)

Towels are breeding grounds for bacteria due to their moist and warm nature in where bacteria can thrive freely. After a day or two, you may smell a musty smell coming from the towels. Besides, these towels can cause breakouts and even staph infections when not taken care of properly. The solution is to run them through hot water in a washing machine.

As the coronavirus is gripping everyone with the new reality we must take every measure possible to limit the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) This includes washing hands for at least 20 seconds and taking extra measures to ensure the personal hygiene and cleanliness for every space utilized by multiple people at a time. Our disinfection and sanitization services are specially equipped and trained to disinfect and sanitize your property with the help pf non-toxic substances were leaving your home is not needed as we all practice social distancing.