Little Cockroaches In the Kitchen

Little Cockroaches In the Kitchen – What Does It Mean 

It is very important to understand that tiny cockroaches are not a different species of cockroaches, they are simply baby cockroaches and the reason there are so many is that the adult cockroaches, who are too smart to be caught by you, just layed a bunch of egg cases called Ootheca that has hatched essentially simultaneously and produced what looks like a massive and sudden infestation of tiny cockroaches when really, you have likely had them for months already. You have several bugs that look like cockroaches  which may lead to misidentification and prolongment of the infestation.

Again, the adults are smart and only come out at night when vibrations in the house have calmed. Baby cockroaches have no idea about this and will just swarm in daylight, and be thankful for that as otherwise you would have had no clue that your home was infested with cockroaches. The key now is to take drastic and immediate action. Cockroaches are not something you should wait around on, deciding tactics and thinking if you just clean very well they will leave. They won’t. If you do have cockroaches in your house, contact professional Cockroach Control Toronto the Greater Toronto Area as soon as possible!    

 If you have these tiny cockroaches in your kitchen you should assume their parents are still at home. Just like baby mice that wander from the nest these baby cockroaches are not afraid of you because they have no experience with humans yet, only their evolutionarily developed behaviors. If you want to deal with an infestation like this on your own there are some very effective domestic products that can resolve a small or minor infestation. You can try diatomaceous earth, silica dust and gel bait which, together and in combination with home remedies like clove oil and tabasco spray can take out a rather serious infestation if done correctly. That being said it can take a longer amount of time than if you simply called in a professional. And there is always the chances that once you think you have resolved the infestation and clear away all the control methods, they could just come right back, having hidden in areas of the house you cannot access, but a licensed exterminator can. 


A trained and licensed exterminator is capable of using an onslaught of chemicals in the war against cockroaches like the professionals at The Exterminators Inc. Unlike a home remedy or domestic treatment, this cockroach treatment is one and done. You will have to vacate for 5 hours because the commercial-grade pesticides are so potent but with all of the tools, pesticides and techniques the exterminator knows and learned from previous jobs, there is quite literally nowhere a cockroach can hide to get away from this vigorous treatment. So why spend months, or even years, getting rid of cockroaches when you could have them gone in one day. Make your choice wisely.