Can Exterminators Get Rid of Oriental Cockroaches?

Can Exterminators Get Rid of Oriental Cockroaches?

Oriental cockroaches are a difficult and dangerous infestation to control. They are disease carriers and can cause all kinds of dangerous diseases both from the consumption of feces and saliva infected food and the inhalation of the shredded carapace material that cockroaches shed through their growth phase to adult. This is because cockroaches, unlike butterflies and bed bugs do not transform in their growth phase. They are born looking like a tiny version of the same insect and continue to grow and molt until they reach adulthood and then shedding occurs less often. You have several bugs that look like cockroaches in Ontario which may lead to misidentification and prolongment of the infestation.

If you suspect Oriental cockroaches or cockroach presence, do not hesitate to contact Cockroach Control Toronto for a complete cockroach eradication.


Oriental cockroaches are difficult to find, more so than other cockroaches. They most often live in drain pipes and other wet places which makes it hard to find them. They can live in the sewer and can travel easily from the sewer into your home and while there may be a mesh fine enough to stop adults, baby cockroaches are so minute that they can often climb through even a super fine steel mesh. This means that sealing off drains will not work as well for cockroaches as it would for preventing sewer rats. 


Oriental cockroaches are a severe issue for many countries as they have been spread by global shipping. They now exist in nearly every major city in the world and are the cause a large amount of destruction both for residential communities, apartment buildings and commercial warehouses that produce food. A cockroach infestation can shut a business down for good if the issue cannot be controlled. For residences and especially old age homes and hospitals, a cockroach infestation can be fatal to patients with respiratory illnesses or low white blood cell counts. Infections would fill the hospital and surgery would be impossible. 


The process requires a licensed and insured exterminator who can use powerful commercial-grade pesticides that are controlled by the Ministry of the Environment or MoE. They will use a large combination of chemicals including ultra-low volume mists, insecticide dust injected into wall voids, crack and crevice treatments of deep recesses and spraying of pesticides in large and small appliances and motors. One of the favoured places of all cockroaches is the dishwasher which has both food and water so the internals of the machine must also be sprayed and then a wash must be done without anything in the dishwasher to clear out the pesticides so it can be ready for use again. This process has a high level of effectiveness but if the cockroaches come back you will not be alone. All The Exterminators Inc. pest treatments come with a full six-month warranty that we consider to be necessary to get rid of your infestation for good.