How to get rid of oriental cockroaches

How To Get Rid of Oriental Cockroaches

Like many unintentional species to invade our shores, the Oriental Cockroach arrived here on shipping vessels, often for shipping food. It came hidden in food stores, in cracks of the ship, waiting for the right moment. When the ships docked the cockroaches left and entered a new land, one where their predators were not present, where they could breed and feed in freedom, not afraid of the dangerous predators that hunted them in Asia. There are a lot of cockroaches in Ontario and that might lead to misidentification.

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In Asia, where you can find these cockroaches in the wild tend to live by the water, they are often called water bugs or black beetles and often can be found in caves that are filled with bats. The Oriental cockroach is a deep lover of water and is the most common cockroach to find in urban sewers. They can also detect food from miles away and can travel through pipes in search of it. This is why it is most common for Oriental cockroaches to come through drains. To prevent it make sure to cover the drains with a very fine mesh, so fine it should look opaque as you want to be sure the tiny baby cockroaches cant get through it. 

 Oriental cockroaches are very focused on finding water, they rarely access a home through the normal methods of crawling through cracks and are not as good at flattening themselves out as other species of cockroaches but they can swim in water and float on top of it. For this reason, you should make sure that non of the faucets and taps lack a filter to prevent insects from getting through. A filter can also be placed underground where the pipes of the house meet the city. This is quite a major construction process but will prevent anything and everything from getting into your pipes and it will last a very long time. 


If you have found yourself with an oriental cockroach infestation then the best thing to do is to call a professional like The Exterminators Inc. to exterminate them using potent commercial-grade pesticides. If this worries you, or there are people in the house who cannot vacate or have repository issues that could be impacted even by the dry pesticides then you may want to try domestic products. Gel bait is highly effective but must be constantly reapplied and can only be a dime-sized drop or the cockroaches may get paranoid of it and leave it alone. It should look like a dime-sized blob of thick molasses. One of the best ways to deal with them is spraying boric acid and sprinkling silica dust in areas of high activity.