how to get rid of cockroaches in the kitchen

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches In The Kitchen

Nothing is as frustrating as finding out you have cockroaches in the kitchen. They are prone to those areas because of their need for water and food. They will search for food and consume whatever they find leaving feces and saliva behind which can cause food poisoning or Staph infection. This is why signs of cockroach infestations food handlers notice should be taken seriously.

This is one of the most severe and dangerous infestations you can have in your home so if you think you have them it’s important to inspect for signs of activity and then find the areas of high activity so you can treat it yourself with domestic products or call a professional and be able to lead him to the areas of high activity so he does not have to find them himself. There are many different options in dealing with cockroaches from baited glue traps to gel bait and electronic shock devices, many of these can be effective but not for very large infestations, if your infestation is especially large then the best decision you can make is to get a professional treatment with commercial-grade chemicals from a licensed exterminator. 

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The first step is not to kill them but to take away the things they want. If you have cockroaches coming up your sink you may want to make sure the sink is clean and the drainpipe is clear of food obstruction. Do not leave dirty dishes in the sink because that is a huge attractant to a cockroach. While the most common cockroaches to enter human homes and businesses are the german and American cockroaches the oriental cockroach is the most likely to come up a drain from the sewer because you had food in your sink. So clean up the kitchen and store all your food in sealed airtight containers made of thick plastic or, better, glass. 


Also, make sure to clean the house very well to get rid of any crumbs that could feed the infestation once it has entered. Food on the outside of the house will also attract cockroaches so make sure not to feed pets outside and to clean up after any outdoor eating. If you have children who like to eat outside put down a blanket or table cloth to catch all the crumbs and then carefully bring it back into the house to dispose of them in the garbage. Do not shake it off outside that will draw cockroaches and rodents. 


If you have a small infestation you can resolve it with a number of home remedies and domestic products. Boric acid mixed with water and sprayed works wonders and silica sand is great for puffing into wall cracks. If you can have glue traps in the house then those can also be very effective and if you want to prevent them from going places you don’t want them to then give it a god spray with water and Tabasco sauce. If you need to get rid of your cockroaches all at once, reach out to The Exterminators Inc.